At the previously mentioned Stupid Evil Bastard blog, Les has posted a thread about a credit provider getting upset with him using their logo here. (If offended by use of bad language- mine- do not click.)

I got annoyed at this. OK he had used their trademark, but their legal department seems unable to tell the difference between trying to rip them off and a conjecture. Did they lose any money? No. Were they ever likely to lose any money because of it? No. Is it linking their name with a major online phenomenon, this ENHANCING their appearance in the online community? Why yes it is. Does this make the companys legal department look like (to use one of Les’ favourite phrases) “a putz”? You decide!

Les of course took down the image (though the fact that it remains slightly altered on other sites is noted by him). No matter if the case against him was 100% wrong, no matter that no judge would have found in the companys favour- things we will never know for certain- they are a multinational who can use lots of money in legal proceedings until he gives in.

Well done that company. You have made yourself look like bullies, while losing lots of free advertising.