While researching the events for my “Gospel according to Joe”

Part 1
Part 2
I found a rather odd little incident that happens in the week leading up to the cruxifixion

Feeling hungry Jesus sees a fig tree. On approaching it he finds that figs are out of season, and so the tree is bare of fruit. So what does he do. Does the man who is supposed to be the son of God (who would be the reason the tree is out of season) say “Oh dear”?

No, he throws a hissy fit and curses the tree which then dies- either that day (Matthew 21:19) or the next day (Mark 11:12) depending on which gospel you read- saying that no one will ever eat its fruit again.

Wha…? The Lamb of God, Saviour of Mankind, Mr Forgiveness, throws a temper tantrum?