…And so apparently could Gordon Ramsey, who has stirred up controversy by suggestin we Brits should put it on the barbies.  And people have whined. I can understand the veggies having a go, though they seem to be saying that eating Dobbin is even more evil than normal meat, but every body else in the UK is also throwing a tantrum.

Um, Why? If you eat cow whats the difference- apart from more protein, less fat and a gamey flavour (which I enjoyed- yes, I have had a horse steak)?   The problem is of course cultural- you wouldn’t eat Spot (though the Koreans would), and you wouldn’t want to eat little Fiona’s gymkhana winner. 

 It is a hang over from when the Anglo Saxons were converted to Christianity.  Horse sacrifice was a big part of pre-Christian religeon, and so it had to go.  So successful was this reprogramming that still today there is a deep seated suspicion.  The mainland of Europe, not having this particular bit of paganism, was never reprogrammed, so never learnt our distaste.

Try it- a million cats can’t be wrong.