Been at the Union conference, which is why even less posts than usual.  Mostly a quiet week both in and out the conference hall.  The left of the Union are currently in majority on both the Group (Revenue and Customs) and National commitees, so not the bun fight of the old days (mid 90’s) when delegates and EC fell out regularly (Quote from Clive Brooke, then Gen Sec of the old IRSF “I don’t care how you vote, I’m going to ignore it”).  Instead lots of worries of how to oppose the 100,000 job cuts the government are trying to force, despite the evidence that public services are falling to pieces due to lack of investment and staff.

Quite outside, as well.  When we were the ‘Inland Revenue Staff Federation’ everyone worked for the same department, and Conference was small enough to have the social scene fairly compact, and in smaller towns (such as Inverness).  Now, Brighton is about the only place with the facilities to hold us, and we are spread out.  Plus of course, we are all aging and just can not do that ‘stay up all night’ stuff anymore.  Highlight of the week was Blond Bombshell’s story of how his ex-wife’s lesbian lover ruined his chance to meet Joan Collins- one of the funniest stories I have heard in a long-time.  It was also revealed by Fading Star, and Scary Female Activist how our equality monitoring forms had revealed that attendees included 6 wiccans, 2 witches and 4 Jedi, leading to musings if the Force could be used to influnce conference votes “This isn’t the motion you’re looking for”.