This week sees the 10th anniversary of the death of Diana, self styled “People’s Princess”.  No doubt we will be expected to all shriek and indulge in self flagellation, emotionally if not physically, and all say how much we miss her, and how much she meant to us all personally.

 I do not miss her.

She did not affect me, she made no difference to my life.  The death is a tragedy for her family.  It is not a tragedy for ordinary people who never met her, who never had the life of priveledge she had.

 Diana led a ‘jet set’ lifestyle, and did not have many of the worries of ordinary people.  We do not agonize over the heartbreak of other divorcees, many of whom are far more badly treated.    Thousands die ‘before their time’ each year, profound losses for their families, but unnoticed by every one else.   We need no further public heart-rending for Diana.