I am against ID cards- the digitised picture would allow the security forces to track you via CCTV coupled face recognition computers that could track anyone felt to be a bit ‘not us’.   However a senior judge has said everyone in the UK should be held on a DNA database.  What are your feelings (more after the fold)

It of course raises the Big Brother state.  On spokeswoman said those tracked would be having to prove they were innocent. 

There are many technical issues, which mean that this isn’t going to be immediate, even if taken up.  However, do you feel that it would intrude on your privacy, and if so why?  (Assume that it is secure database for police etc, and insurance companies can’t check your health premiums).

 I would argue that it is hard for you be be ‘followed’ via your DNA, as it has to be identified collected and processed, unlike CCTV.  Criminals are more likely to leave DNA that an ID card. Also it would help in identifing bodies etc.