The rules Poor Bloody Infantry by Peter Pig have started quite a debate going on the RFCM (Rules For the Common Man) Yahoo Group.  The ‘Pinning’ is rule is causing controversy. If you have no idea what this means then you probably won’t be commenting.

It’s getting a little tangled, so to clarify ‘latest thinking’ I am offering this Thread up to the debate.

Aside from the ‘They are fine’ the debate seems to consist of the following points of view, sometimes mixed as one proposed rule amendment:

  1. Over a certain range shots are only allowed to be used to pin.

  2. Make it easier to pin by requiring less hits to be scored.

  3. Make it more difficult to unpin.

  4. Combine killing shots and pinning shots, rather than have to chose between the two.

  5. Making it easier for certain weapons to pin.

Comments thoughts etc etc gratefully accepted. There’s no ‘filters’ on this site, apart from my reviewing threads, but keep it friendly.