My Kingdom for a Horse  <– Click this link for the Word Document

These rules are for fighting small scale battles with men armed with swords, halberds,  bows etc.  The ‘engine’ is based on a Dark Age set a friend wrote, which I have expanded and polished (I hope) and covers the Wars Of The Roses as well.  Any thoughts queries etc please post here.

These Rules are Copyright Ian Hopping 2006.  You may download them from any site on which I have placed them for free.  You may not place them on any other site, or reproduce them without my express permission.  You may not make a profit from distributing these rules, however if you want to use them to promote your organisation (e.g. demo game) go ahead.  Multiple copies of the QR for a game is fine. You are a wargamer, so almost certainly will alter rules- that’s fine, as long as you don’t try to pass the altered rules off as yours.  You may only use these rules if you agree to stick by (and actually do stick by) Rule Number One.  Failure to keep to Rule Number One means you may not play these rules until you do keep to it. 

RULE NUMBER ONE.  It’s only a game.  You are to show sportsmanship at all times.  You are not to try to squeeze every last advantage from the rules.  You are to remind the opponent if he forgets something.  You are not to measure to minute amounts to try and gain advantage (see page 6 for an example).  In case of dispute do what seems most logical, and if you still can’t agree flip a coin. PLAY NICELY.