My dad – in his 70’s and only just come to computers- is looking to get on the net. PLEASE DO NOT GET AWAY FROM TOPIC. I had to put that in. I DO NOT need a discussion of which browser is best etc. The ISP he goes with has to as hassel free as possible- he will not be able to reconfigure stuff etc, so I am going to have him on IE. ( I live an hour away, so it has to be stuff he can do, and IE is pre-installed etc.)

He’s not sure if he want’s to go Broadband yet- he doesn’t use his computer enough to really warrent a fixed price contract, and wants to get a pay-as-you-go dial up. Yes I have explained the downside of dial-up.

Recommendations please- something with relatively low rates. We looked at Orange whose price varied from 2p/min(weekends) to 5p/min (week days day times).  Given he is 75% retired there is a good chance he will occasionally go on during the day, so a jump of 150% in pricing due to time isn’t great.

Can anyone recommend a ISP, and how he signs on (he has no connection at the moment, though if need be we could do one via orange, then sign up with another provider)