When I visit Les’ board over at http://stupidevilbastard.com/ one of the frequesnt topics is religeon, and the gulf with reality that certain Americans seem to have when it comes to the difference between Religeon and scientific fact.  Some contributors look longingly at Europe and wish that they lived somewhere where religeon intrudes less on daily life.

 Then I read this

42% of Britons pray, survey finds
Praying makes people feel “peaceful and content” and more than 40% of us are engaged in this spiritual activity, according to a new survey.

Research into the views of 1,000 adults in the UK has shown 42% said they pray to God with about one in six praying every day and one in four praying at least once a week.

on the AOL news

It appears to be a comfort thing. However I did wonder about

Prayer was so popular that even those with no religion were participating – with one in eight, or 12%, of this group praying sometimes.

I can only assume that they prey to a concept.

The phrase

A total of 57% of those who pray said they believed that prayer changed what happened in their life and 32% said they had seen the effect of prayer on their lives.

Just shows humans are very good at seeing patterns where none exist. Reserch actually shows that when praying for hospital patients, those with no pleas to the Big Sky Daddy, on average, healed quicker.

Maybe Britain is not as rational when it comes to science as I like to believe, but then given the explosion of pseudoscience- homeopathy, crystals etc I should not be surprised.