Not, unfortunately Danny Wilde and Lord Brett Sinclair, but (what I assume to be) Jehovah’s Witnesses.

 Yesterday late morning (with me still in my dressing gown- it was Saturday) I answered the door, expecting my Father-in-Law.  Instead was a woman with a foreign accent, who asked me about God.  Unfortunately, I have already been through all this recently at Les’ site, and had had just about enough of Creationists, etc. I told her the Bible was just myths, at which point she got out of her depth.

She asked that classic question, and got the answer she didn’t seem to have been trained for-

“Have you read the Bible?”


That seemed to throw her- maybe it isn’t in the script they hand out.  She then asked why. So I told her.                                (Click the fold)

I pointed out that the Bible doesn’t fit in with the known observed facts. and that there are a lot of places where we know it to be wrong. Now when I speak in public (conference, weddings etc) I do get a little high on adrenaline, but now I know to expect it and calm it, or I come over a bit aggressive. Pity that I didn’t realise it was about to happen- the annoyance at being engaged in counter-science kicked in, so while my recollection of events is clear, the order is a bit suspect. I also speak a little quick, so maybe they didn’t catch all I said.

 I believe I kicked off with how did Kangaroos get to Australia after the great flood, throwing in ‘Dr’ Hovind’s belief about lowered sea levels, and the problems therein (creationists are prepared to believe science, only when it serves their own purposes, and the bible is suspiciously quiet about an ice age following the Flood).

For good measure I threw in the First Chinese Dynasty, which is dated to just 50 years after Creationists give for the Flood. I asked how did a dynasty get set up in China, thousands of miles away, with enough people to call it a dynasty, just 50 years- 3 generations- after all humans except for 8 were killed.

It was then #2 joined in. I hadn’t really seen her, as she was just out of site- possibly the gravel had defeated her wheelchair.  She looked to be retiring age,  had an English accent, and wasn’t as nice.  The thing was, I was feeling a bit sorry for the Eastern(?) European accent lady, and though maybe I had gone in a bit hard- the reasons as given above with the adrelanine rush.  The older one however pissed me off. She was like your Grandmother, not in the twinkly eyed way, but in the your father-and-his-brothers-are-still-scared-of-her way.

 She demanded to know why I could say such things.  At this point I became angry.  I pointed out the date I was refering to for the flood was the one that most creationists worldwide seem to hold to.  I pointed out that what the bible said goes against the known facts of cosmology, geology, biology, physics, chemistry.  I also asked why the bible didn’t mention penguins, kangaroos, pandas, polar bears and llamas, as these must have been on the Ark.

Accent lady started a retreat. She said I believed in what I believed in, and they believed in what they believed in.   This must be a new position for JW (or mormons, or who ever)- knocking on peoples’ doors, and saying “Hey, whatever you believe is okay with us!

I said fine, once you know which of the two (yes two) creation myths in Genesis they believed in they could let me know.  I also said go and read TalkOrigins

Afterwards I got told off by my Christian wife. I say told off, she was laughing while telling me I was a bit aggressive, and that people can believe what they want.  I agreed that I may have come across a bit strong, but I hadn’t meant too. I said why should I let people believe things that are wrong.

Then I thought about that phrase- twice in about 4 minutes I’d heard it or a variation “people can believe what they want”.  I pointed out that I didn’t try to argue with her, and she didn’t try and convert me.  However these people had walked on to my property, and knocked on the door- I hadn’t asked them to, they started it, they had invaded Poland (yes I did quote Basil at her).  I said I didn’t walk up to priests at random and say “You’re wrong”.