…not so much the loss of youth, but the fact that “If I knew then what I know now…”

 No, really, it’s just not fair.

 This all started about an hour ago, watching ‘Classic Albums’ on BBC4.  I wasn’t going to watch, but I missed the opening titles, and on re-entering the room I found it was “Night at the Opera” by Queen.  Being a bitt of a fan in my teens I watched.

 I’d forgotten, or possibly never realised how good they were.  I have/had this on tape (somewhere, possibly thrown away now).

 The production of the talent was something I can now appreciate.  Usually when it comes to presents I say not to worry, so end up with stuff I often don’t really want.  I want this on CD.

 It made me think. Youth is wasted on the young.  I didn’t appreciate Queen 20 years ago, not really.  I didn’t understand the skill and talent they contained.  Likewise, I have said for about 10 years if I could retake my O levels they would be stunning, especially subjects like English Lit.  I look at the opinions of teens now, and think “Was I like that?”