…not so much the loss of youth, but the fact that “If I knew then what I know now…”

 No, really, it’s just not fair.

 This all started about an hour ago, watching ‘Classic Albums’ on BBC4.  I wasn’t going to watch, but I missed the opening titles, and on re-entering the room I found it was “Night at the Opera” by Queen.  Being a bitt of a fan in my teens I watched.

 I’d forgotten, or possibly never realised how good they were.  I have/had this on tape (somewhere, possibly thrown away now).

 The production of the talent was something I can now appreciate.  Usually when it comes to presents I say not to worry, so end up with stuff I often don’t really want.  I want this on CD.

 It made me think. Youth is wasted on the young.  I didn’t appreciate Queen 20 years ago, not really.  I didn’t understand the skill and talent they contained.  Likewise, I have said for about 10 years if I could retake my O levels they would be stunning, especially subjects like English Lit.  I look at the opinions of teens now, and think “Was I like that?”

 If you are a young adult, in 10-20 years you will understand, untill then I’ll just have to suffer the fact you don’t know as much as you think you do, yet you will have a major influence on my life.  Trust me, 15 years you will think the same as me- you won’t rebel for ever, you’ll hope your old before you die.

 It’s just not fair really.  Think of life as a tree. Every decision, the tree splits, and you can never get on the other branch.  The decisions that have the biggest impact, the early ones, not the later ones which are all just refinement, are made when you are a callow youth.  I’ve made some crap decisions in my life, and can’t see a way to undo them.

That and the fact that if my brain was in the 19 year old me, I’d have had all the sex I could handle.  Unfortunately, as you learn, so do the women!