It’s been a long time coming, and I’m sure some will say that it’s only the League Cup, BUT WE WON SILVERWARE.

 I listened on BBC 5 Radio- not having Sky, and Spurs seemed to set off well, even if Alan Green and Lauro were complaining the game was slow.  Of course we gave away the inevitable goal – apparently a Robinson error, hard to believe (!) I know.

 However Ramos did what he seems to be brilliant at doing- changing the shape of the team with a substitution- the commentators certainly didn’t expect it would be Chimbonda to come off- and given his reaction neither did he!  The switch of Lennon from Right wing to left confused the commentators at first, and it seemed that it threw Chelsea.  Lennon went from being the invisible man to a thorn in the Blue’s side. This seems to be the main difference under Ramos- his ability to re-organise the team on the hoof.  There has been talk of diet and fitness regime being improved, and they do seem to be a big part, but that ability to change the attack has saved and won points since he took over.  One of the pundits on the radio before hand observed that he seems to be able to use a defeat by another team as a model to win the next match against them.

 Of course it wouldn’t be a Spurs match without a heartstopping last 15 minutes, and strange Ramos seemed to be conspiring to make that true- fo ten minutes after going 5-4-1 it looked like we would sit back and hope we could defend the last 20 yards.  The the mid field seemed to get the idea that if there were 5 at the back they could afford to push up to support Berbatov- nearly 3-1.

OK, so any decent league position is out this year, but we are still in Europe, and have a place next year.  Next season is beginning to look interesting!  No matter what happened at the start of this season, Jol laid a firm foundation, and Ramos could prove to be a Christopher Wren or Norman Foster!