At least that’s what I assume it was.  Sitting here half an hour ago- 1 in the morning, and the room began to shake, lasting about 5 seconds.  If you got it too let me know where you are  by posting below (0100 GMT 27 Feb 2008).

I thought ‘Hey an earth tremor- thats a new experience!’  Then I began to think, what if it wasn’t- what if it was the house?  The trouble is who do you ask at 1 in the morning?  I ended up phoning the police.  Confused the poor chap at the other end, as I asked where he was- threw him a bit to start with.

 I explained that I thought we had an earth tremor- and they were the only people I could think of awake at 1am.  He said he had felt something, and wondered what.  As he confirmed, others in the control room said they had felt something- as far as I could tell they had all been worried about being the first to say anything in case they were dreaming.