Battle of Britain Free wargames rules Monday, Mar 31 2008 


These are my Battle of Britain wargame rules “Angels One-Five (enemy aircraft at 15,000 feet)”.  They are a simplified (for movement) version of a set I wrote.  (I mention this as you may see the title “revised movement” on some sheets- these are to let me know which are the ‘2nd edition’ sheets).

 angels-One Five v 2.1

Each impulse represents approx 3 seconds of real time, a turn about 10 seconds. Each pilot simply writes what he intends doing for next impulse- turn, climb/dive. Then all movement is simultaneous. 

Firing is a combined to hit/damage roll, with the possibility of further ‘critical’ hits.

These are just about complete- If I’ve forgotten anything vital let me know.  Design notes etc to follow.

Updated 2 October 2008

PDF format added (at bottom)

Some people have asked about later periods- see the posts for my suggestions

Update 5 November 2010

I have made some changes on the Combat Result Tables

  1. Miss now covers results down to -1.  You get the’ Missed Targe’t bonus, and a chance of getting a Critical. Anything -2 or below is now a complete miss, no Crit or bonus
  2. Control surface damage is for the next PHASE not turn.

As this is getting so long everything else is below the fold


Doing Nothing Much Monday, Mar 31 2008 

I’m off today.  What I should be doing is tidying and cleaning to keep Mrs Hussar happy when she gets home.

 What I am actually doing is watching BBC News24, Internetting (ok, if you insist ‘surfing’), and sodding about with wargames stuff.