US armed forces hate atheists Wednesday, Apr 30 2008 

When Bush said it was a ‘Crusade’ he really meant it;

Soldier Sues Army, Saying His Atheism Led to Threats

Maj. Freddy J. Welborn, began to berate Specialist Hall and another soldier about atheism, Specialist Hall wrote in a sworn statement. “People like you are not holding up the Constitution and are going against what the founding fathers, who were Christians, wanted for America!”


Complaints include prayers “in Jesus’ name” at mandatory functions, which violates military regulations, and officers proselytizing subordinates to be “born again.” After getting the complainants’ unit and command information, Mr. Weinstein said, he calls his contacts in the military to try to correct the situation.

“Religion is inextricably intertwined with their jobs,” Mr. Weinstein said. “You’re promoted by who you pray with.”


Specialist Hall came to atheism after years as a Christian. He was raised Baptist by his grandmother in Richlands, N.C., a town of fewer than 1,000 people. She read the Bible to him every night, and he said he joined the Army “to make something of myself.”

“I thought going to Iraq was right because we had God on our side,” he said in an interview near Fort Riley.

In the summer of 2005, after his first deployment to Iraq, Specialist Hall became friends with soldiers with atheist leanings. Their questions about faith prompted him to read the Bible more closely, which bred doubts that deepened over time.


Though with a different unit now at Fort Riley, Specialist Hall said the backlash had continued. He has a no-contact order with a sergeant who, without provocation, threatened to “bust him in the mouth.” Another sergeant allegedly told Specialist Hall that as an atheist, he was not entitled to religious freedom because he had no religion.

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Humph reaches Mornington Crescent Tuesday, Apr 29 2008 

Humphrey Lyttleton, Jazz Musician, Host of the never matched “I’m sorry I haven’t a clue” and purveyor of filth to the middle classes passed away last weekend.

You will be sorely missed, Humph. You were the show. I suppose Samantha has to nip out now, as you are feeling a little stiff.

In support of elitism Sunday, Apr 13 2008 

I am sick of people whining ‘elitest’.  I want the best people in charge. Bush was incapabable of running an oil company.  If you can’t turn a profit with an oil company then should you really be in charge of anything outside of SimCity?

I am sick of a culture that says ‘too middle class’, ‘not accessable’, ‘too highbrow’.  Well some of us want something to think about, not soaps, ‘celebs’ and ‘gossip’.  I don’t care who’s sleeping with who, unless it actully affects me.

I want news from trained journalists, not from any idiot with a mobile phone with camera.  Jeremy Paxman was called elitest when he sneered at being toldto ask for viewers news stories on video clip.  I’m with him.

When boarding an aeroplane the pilot isn’t someone who the rest of the passengers like, its someone that has been trained.  Why do we assume that anyone can run a country?

You can buy anything on the Internet! Tuesday, Apr 8 2008 

You may notice in some sites that the sidebar ads are linked (however tenuously) to the subject.  There is no human intervention in this- the site owner sells ad space, and a ‘bot’ picks out keywords and drops an ‘appropriate’ ad in.  However, the ebay one seems to have excelled itself

North Korean Army
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I would- but frankly I’m not sure where I would put that many tanks! (Les’s site is a master at these- he posts a rant at religeon, and in the sidebar is a link inviting you to be ‘saved’!)

Any other inappropriate ads you’ve seen?

Diana Conspiracy Tuesday, Apr 8 2008 

There wasn’t one, their isn’t one.  Drunk Driver.  In French Law Henri Paul’s employer is legally liable for illegal actions of employees while ‘on duty’ so the Phony Pharoe has an interest in it NOT being Henri’s fault.

Red Arrows Banned? No! Just more Right Wing Lies Thursday, Apr 3 2008 

There is a online petition complaining about the Red Arrows being banned from the 2012 Olympics.

 Its a lie.

Oh look its in that hate filled rag ‘The Sun’. What a surprise. “Sun tells Right Wing Lie”.  Not exactly news.