Mugabee brutalised himself to be the winner of a sham election, and is now receiving the revulsion of the world.  But we act as though this was a surprise.  For years he has subjugated Zimbabwe- my wife long ago became annoyed with me complaining about the use of the phrase “War Veterans” to describe Zanu-PF’s private militia, many of whom were not born when Rhodesia existed.  But where was the opposition accross the world 10 years ago?

Not the Right and the Neo-Cons- no profit in caring about Zimbabwe.  What about those who support the oppressed, the left/liberal forces of the world? Not a peep.  Why?  Because Mugabee is black and fought against white minority rule.  To too many people in the world this made him fire-proof.  To criticise him implied racism.  No; to criticise him was to look beyond colour, and call a thug what he was.

In addition too many African leaders are guilty of racism.  South Africa- the power of southern Africa is quiet about Mugabee’s facist regime.  Why? Because he fought the Colonial power. 

Now we reach a point where he thinks he is invincible.  I can not see a future for Zimbabwe that does not include a bloody civil war, the usual sequal to a dictator- either as the people rise up, or amoung Zanu PF when Mugabee finally dies.

This should be a wake up call for those who claim to speak for the oppressed.  Past triumphs can never excuse present atrocities.