More tit for tat killings, and it is the innocent who suffer, not the ones casuing the violence.  The problem is that Hamas is committed to the destruction of the Israeli state.  A BBC article –  Here 

I am not condoning Israeli actons, indeed the state of Israel was born from terrorism against the British (I used to have a friend who had a hobby of getting thrown out of historical sites by correcting the tour guide’s spin and gloss.  In Israel he pointed out that the ‘two brave Jews’ hanged in a particular prison were there for planting bombs in a British barracks that killed soldiers).  However the reality is Israel is not going to go away, and rocket attacks and suicide bombings are not going to advance the Palestinian cause one jot.

There will never be peace until both sides commit to respect the original borders.  I can not see this happening in the near future, with a mix of Islamic lunacy and militant Zionists setting up ‘settlements’ because ‘God said so’.

1st The US MUST negotiate with terrorists.  Wars end in negotiation.  The British government negotiated with the IRA despite ‘policy’.  Of course it will never be that simple- there is a chance of a democratically agreed united Ireland- there is no chance of ‘no Israel’.

Hamas and other extremists need to agree for an Israel.  In return for that there will have to be massive  investment making sure that ‘New-Palestine’ is a viable country.  I don’t just mean aid, I mean a proper infrastructure.  The reason Hamas is DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED is that it is about the only organisation running schools and hospitals for the Palestinians.

Once attacks on Israel stop the US can use its muscle to force Israel into acting responsibly.

Of course none of this will happen without both sides being willing to compromise.  And while ‘God’ is directing both sides’ land-claims this won’t be anytime soon.