Following file is bases/counters for use with Spearhead.  They will also work with BKC and the old TableTop Games ‘Korps Commander (Road to Berlin)’.  The number in the Bottom Left is the Strength points for KC. 1 point = 1 vehicle or approx 10 men.  It’s designed so you have something to use while saving up for/painting the figures.  Each counter is 30mm square, as the best balance between the various systems, and for readability


 UPDATE- I understand the embedding hasn’t worked. Below is a graphic file.  Save it, open Word, set up as LANDSCAPE.  Then Lasso each block EXACTLYcorner to corner, copy, and paste into word.  It is now a picture. Resize to size of choice- if the block pasted is 7 units wide, and you want 3cm bases, make the width 21cm (remember to lock aspect ratio, so the vertical increases too)


Alternatively I can email the fonts as attachments (I think, never actually tried it)

The OOB is the SH list, modified and named from KC.  I have embedded the Unit Symbol font, so you should get the standard symbols (X for infantry, oval for armour) etc with out having to download the font. (The font I got for free from the Web- couldn’t tell you where, unfortunately. Google is your freind here.) This embedding is the reason its 10x larger than a normal Word Document.  I did try converting to PDF, but the importing programme didn’t like the layout.

The counters without numbers in Bottom Left are SH only OOB, the ones with dotted boxes- the recce for the tank regiments, are KC only.

Best way to use would be to print onto green paper, then stick on the back of a cheap self adhesive floor tile, then cut out (with heavy duty scissors).  This makes them resistant to breezes etc. As your figures become ready simply flock and paste into the ‘symbol’ box, leaving the type and Unit strips open.