My monitor has been playing up- it brightens and then darkens as though on a dimmer switch.  I’ve been waiting for it to go altogether, then bitch about having to buy a new one.  In town on Saturday (28th) I dropped into the Curry’s, which is closing down- there is a large Curry’s on the trading estate, plus a PC World (also owned by DSG) next door, and the restructure was announced pre-credit crunch, so it was only a matter of time.

There, sitting on a shelf, was a CRT with a label “£5, please buy me”.  I asked, and it turned out nothing wrong, just been sitting in store for years, no box, and in these LCD days they wanted to get rid of it. 

£5! So I bought it. Only down side was having to carry a boxless CRT monitor over a mile!  Carry heavy purchases home appears to be a new hobby.  On the 22nd I had to buy a new car battery, and carry that 2  miles (on account of having no working car).