In recent weeks much has been published about Jade Goody and her terminal cancer.

I’m sorry. I really don’t care that much.

It’s not that I’m a heartless bastard, but she is a stranger to me. Yes it is sad that she is so young- in her twenties- and that she leaves two small children. But lots of people die young, leaving children. We do not get the wall to wall coverage of them.

You may be surprised that the one person I DON’T blame for this over-exposure is Jade herself. She has been making as much money as possible from the media (Wedding in “OK” etc) as possible, so as to leave as much money as possible for he boys.  Given her career as a ‘C’ list celeb, some have suggested she probably has more money than most, though if it was me I would still worry.

No I blame the idiots in the media (obviously) who think that we want to see it, that parasite Max Clifford, her ‘publicist’ (who will no doubt say he’s just helping her ‘secure her childrens’  future- to him I say “On what percentage?”) and people like you, dear reader.

“Who me?” you may say “I haven’t bought a paper with her in.” Maybe not Jade, but there is obviously a market for this sort of thing out there. Somebody is fuelling it, if not Jadethen someone else, and the Clifford’s of this world are obviously able to make a fortune from it. 

Where exactly did her career come from?  She is ‘famous’ for being the thick one from Big Brother.  Off the back of being stupid she managed to launch a career in the media.  Then she was on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, the celebrity part apparently being she was on ‘Big Brother’ (eh?).

While on CBB her and her mother (as far as I can tell being Jade’s mother made her a ‘celeb’- double ‘eh?’) exposed their nasty racist side.  For this the country was up it arms… with Channel 4.  Oh for Dawkins sake.  Exactly how was a couple of racist harridans mouthing off their fault? Should they have cut the feed (as they do in many other situations)? No.  Okay C4 probably left the feed on because it was ‘good TV’, but it WAS reality! ‘Thick person is racist’ was probably something that needed showing.

Yet somehow Jade’s ‘career’ carried on, and C4 got slammed.

And now- her ‘tragedy’ is everywhere.  This is getting as bad as the ‘Diana’ coverage.  Can we just stop this fascination with the private lives of people who happen to be famous please.  It’s obscuring real news.