See that blue button with Richard Dawkins on it?  Click on it (not yet- I haven’t finished ranting at you) and you will go to the Carnival of the Elitist Bastards.  Who?  A bunch of bloggers generally pissed off with everything being so damn stupid.

Why am I proud to be an elitist?  The question should be why are you so unconcerned not to be?

We are people who are just annoyed that there is a movement against intellectualism.  I am sick and tired of being clever being seen as somehow a bad thing.  Someone who can kick, throw or hit a ball gets paid millions of pounds, while those who actually work worry about the recession.

People revel in not being good at maths.It’s seen as something funny.  I know I’m good at day to day maths, but I am amazed how many people don’t understand basic principles.

“How does this affect you?”  you say “why should you care?” Because a dumbed down population affects the economy and the planet.

People who don’t understand basic maths GET TO VOTE, often based on what they think will be best for the economy.  They can’t do percentages, for FSM’s sake, how are they supposed to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of a Keynsian solution?

It is a fact that people, all of us, even Stephen Hawkins, are stupid to one degree or another.   We are very good at ignoring evidence that doesn’t back up our personal beliefs.  Jeremy Clarkson doesn’t like the fact that cars are contributing to destroying the planet. Solution? Insult environmentalists.  Republicans don’t like the fact that Neo-Con ideas have screwed up the market. Call Obama a socialist. The Religious Right don’t like the fact that science shows the Bible isn’t literally true. Solution? Attack anyone who relies on evidence rather than 4000 year old fairy-stories.

And where does it leave us? Click on the break, and I’ll tell you. Forcefully.

Homeopathy on the NHS! Do what? A treatment that CAN NOT be shown to work as anything other than a placebo gets who knows how much to dole it out to the gullible.

A market crash, because those that stood to gain convinced us you could have something for nothing.  Stop bitching about ‘New Labour’- they are doing what you wanted them too.  The only way Labour could beat the Tories were to adopt their policies, but with a softer face.  Cameron and Osborne can bitch about lack of regulation all they like, but we all know what the answer would have been if Labour had tried to introduce the controls the Tories are demanding now, but in 2006.  They would have been accused of interfering with the free market (Remember, there is a CON in CONservative).

In the US the nutters are trying to get Creationism into schools, as a valid alternative to Evolution AND PEOPLE SUPPORT THIS, because their Big Book of Bronze Age Stories tells them too.

30 Years of Reaganism and Thatcherism has reduced us to greed all gain no pain fools.  Don’t demand tax cuts AND more services.  Its one or the other.

But people are happy to watch the crap that is put on TV. Soap’s (that portray a short term approach to lifes problems- Argued? Get a divorce!) and Game Shows that hand out fortunes in money for being able to guess the right box/ball/screen.  And that’s another thing.  I’ve had it with all the superstition around ‘Deal or No Deal’ and similar.  Lets get this right.  If the game is as it is presented, THERE IS NO FRICKING WAY (WITHOUT CHEATING) YOU CAN ‘PREDICT’ THE CONTENTS OF A BOX.  You are effectively playing roulette.  It doesn’t matter if ‘Dave’ had the £250,000 for the last five days.  The chance of him having it today is still 1 in 22.

You are being lied to by those who want power, and those who want money. Trust No One. The Truth is Out there (but NOT on the X-Files.  That is ALL fiction, OK?)

That’s it.  You can go and be ranted by the others now.

Book Recommendation: How Mumbo Jumbo Conquered the World, by Francis Wheen.

(Did you know even today people STILL fall for the Nigerian 417 scam? Normal people, like you. Really. Frightening, eh?)