I’m writing some World War 2 rules. Various people at TMP have commented on ideas and helped out.  Now I’m throwing the PARTIAL rules open for comment.

*** UPDATE 13 April***

The chap at ‘Free Wargames Rules’ has been overly pro-active, and published a link.  Please remember these are partial- please comment.

Also READ THE THREAD- you will find some questions answered in the post.

***UPDATE 2 May

Newest version- Note change in how cover is handled.

Also crewed weapons and platoon mortars added.  There is now enough to play a Company game.  Just started adding Vehicles (and the rules have aquired a name- ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’

*** Update ends***

world-war-two-rules (latest: 23:55 2 May 09)

An unusual feature is ‘Delayed Hit resolution’, where by shots are marked, but not resolved until the unit tries to act.

There are no Close Combat (melee) or recover from Pin/Suppress rules as yet (see end of thread). Army lists to TEST the rules with are at the end- I know that they need work.

Just realised I’ve forgotten Oppotunity fire rules.  Basically and Unactivated unit may ‘interupt’ enemy movement in LoS to fire, but must activate itself, ie resolve Fire Markers.

(As per usual, I retain copyright- They are made available to you free to use for personal enjoyment etc)