Those who know Scottish football know that [Glasgow] Rangers is a Protestant club, and [Glasgow] Celtic is a Catholic club, and this is part of their fierce rivalry.  I’ll let you absorb that.  The SPORTS club you follow depends on which particular interpretation you put on the SAME MYTHS.

Now consider the story of Kevin McDaid, the man in Northern Ireland apparently beaten to death in a sectarian attack by Rangers supporters after the team won the League over Celtic.

He was beaten to death, murdered in a brutal way, because his religeon was identified with the opposing club.  Not because he was a Celtic Fan.  Not because he was a Catholic. No, it was because his religeon was identified with the opposing team from a different country.  The man didn’t come into it at all.

Sectarian violence: arguing about who is more right when worshiping the same freaking God.

In the immortal words of Les at “What the Fuck is wrong with you people?”

And here is the final twist of the knife.  His wife is Protestant, and so, because this is Ulster, it is described with a perfectly straight face, as a ‘Mixed Marriage’.

Oh for fucks sake Christians. Grow up.