Two events on Saturday 13 June 2009 will bring to an end Quarrendon School’s 50th Anniversary celebrations. The school, which was opened by the Duke of Edinburgh on 13 June 1958, has been running events all year to commemorate this Golden Anniversary.

             We now know that Quarrendon School will close at the end of the summer term, in July 2009, and re-open in September as Buckinghamshire’s first academy, to be called Aylesbury Vale Academy. This is an exciting opportunity for current and future students of the school but also a sad time for those who have been associated with Quarrendon School over the last 50 years, to mark these events Quarrendon School will be holding the ‘Q Festival’ and 50th Anniversary Reunion on 13 June 2009.

             The ‘Q festival’ will be a free music and dance event for the whole community. Students and staff at the school will be performing on the day and in addition invitations have been sent to some of our local primary schools and clubs to also take part. Many forms of music and dance will be presented and much local talent will be on display.

             In the evening Quarrendon will host the Reunion Party for those who have attended and taught at the school in the last 50 years. Flights have been booked and past pupils are flying in from Canada, the USA and Australia for the event. Music on the night will be provided by past pupils, including Mike Carroll. While Mike was at Quarrendon during the 1970’s he was part of a popular beat-combo ‘As It Is’, who presented South East at the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool as part of The Boys Club al England Talent Show in 1975. It is hoped that ‘As It Is’ will reform for this very special event.

             Kim Hopping, Chair of the school’s PTA, Friends of Quarrendon, said “The ‘Q festival’ will be a fantastic day for the whole family and is our way of thanking the community for all of their support over the last 50 years. The evening reunion will be a chance for all of the people who have past through Quarrendon’s gates to say goodbye to a school for which they have such affection and so many good memories.”

        > Tickets for the reunion are going on sale in April and details of how to get hold of one will be posted on the Quarrendon School website:

> Anyone who would like to help with sponsorship or would like to be part of the ‘Q Festival’, either by performing, having a stall or just being an extra pair of hands to help set up and clear away should contact Kim Hopping on 07503473987 or by email at:

> Anyone still wishing to register for the Reunion should also contact Kim