Strained my back at work on Thursday. Dr says muscles have gone into spasm, and has prescribed diazapam, which was originally designed for this sort of thing.  Most people know it better by the name Valium- the whole stress relief thing being a side effect.  The problem is it is tending to knock me out: 45 minutes after taking one I am sleepy.  I took one at 6 last night, fell asleep at just gone 7, and only woke up when my wife switched off my radio at 11:30.  I too another one, and went back to sleep almost straight away. I’ve lost lumps of today for the same reason. 

Though I can walk and sit upright now, whcih I couldn’t Thursday evening, I’m still in pain when I move- and that is any movement that put weight on my lower back: so going from laying to sitting hurts.  I can stand without much trouble if I can use my arms to support me up.  Standing is ok, but moving my legs hurts.  Crossing my legs while laying hurts!

I’ll probably finish the course of the Diazapam (Tuesday) even if I feel almost 100%, but will have to avoid going to work as I will keep falling asleep!