Ship sheets for all ships of the line at Trafalgar, for use with ‘Kiss Me Hardy’ naval rules by ‘Too Fat Lardies’. (review)

KMH Trafalgar Ships

They should be mostly self explanatory if you have the rules. All possible national characteristics are shown, those in brackets are ones that may not occur depending on crew quality- e.g all JJT’s are ‘Determined’ but not all are (Fervent)- cross out any that don’t apply to your die roll for that ship

On the DP track numbers in red italic are the 5DP point for losing a gunnery factor, and the box with the double/heavy outline is the 50% mark- when you cross this off it is the strike test.  The % down the side are the basic strike percentage while any boxes in that row are not crossed out.

The track down the side of the rigging boxes is for putting a counter in if you alter sail setting.

I trim mine to a 2-3mm outside the border, laminate, then trim these to a few mm all around- enough for the laminate to stick away from the paper.  I use OHP/whiteboard type pens to mark off.  This means I can just put the whole lot in a basin of water (or once, under the shower) to quickly clean them.

See also cards for “Kiss Me Hardy”.

Whoops – at least one of the Spanish Ships is shown as crewed by Jolly Jack Tars (San Leandro). It SHOULD BE Landlubbers (though the characteristics are correct underneath)


Posted the sheets for the smaller ships. Though they did not fight, they had roles before and after the battle. They are included mainly for completeness, but also to allow small actions to be fought- frigate actions were not uncommon.