Sunday (22 Nov) Lady Hussar had a telephone question on the Xtra Factor – the one about contestants having to change back into ‘costume’ for the sing off – and Simon Cowell agreed with her, because what ever else you may think of him, he isn’t suicidal.  So I then claimed I slept with someone famous.

For those of you naive enough to think those phone calls are spontaneous, they aren’t.  When you leave your comment, they (a lowly researcher) phone back during the week and arrange the call back.  A couple of weeks ago she almost got on (they ran out of time), and that phone call, while not scripted, was planned- the researcher had asked her to watch the show in a certain light, and ask her question regarding that.

Saying all that, the next day (which to me is today, but strictly speaking is now yesterday, because I’m up too late) I interviewed a notorious murderer. I’m not planning on sleeping with him though.