For those NOT in the UK… you may or may not know we received early snow, just before Christmas (If it snows it usually happens January/February).  This was immedeiately jumped on by at least some of the right wing press – the Express and the Star at least – as proof that there was no such thing as global warming- the Express ranting how Gordon Brown wanted to damage the economy by pointless low carbon regulations that would ‘cost billions’

Frankly anybody who buys these rags should have a competence test before being allowed to vote, in case they think this is in anyway proof against global warming.

Global Warming doesn’t mean the UK will slowly turn into the south of France. Unseasonally cold weather may well be CAUSED by the planet overheating.

The UK has a temperate climate- indeed we are famous for our rain.  This is because of the Gulf stream, a flow of warm currents fromoff the coast of south America.  The Oceans cool slower than the land, and it is this influx of warm waters that means we are warmer than other places on a similar latitude- Central Europe and New York (which is also costal) spring to mind.

However, as the ice cap melts, cold freshwater flows into the North Atlantic, weakening the Stream, and pushing it southwards. Result- colder Britain.

So Global Overheating may well mean Colder UK winters.

Update 8 Jan 2010- Boing Boing has an article about no Gulf Stream