Project Xenocide – A XCOM style wargame campaign Sunday, Feb 28 2010 

Due to this thread on TMP:
I am putting the files to the Xcom inspired game I ran in the latter half of 2008. They use Two Hour Wargames “Chain Reaction” rules (the basic rules are FREE), with some modifications (the armour effect) from the supplement 5150. Scenario 3 is a fighter combat game- the simple rules are presented here. It was a intro to the actual game – scenario 4.

I also ran two others. Scenario 5 was an alien attack on a town, with civvies running about. This is where I used the chrysalids along side normal warriors. If they ‘killed’ a human hand to hand, the human became a zombie type, and if that was killed it hatched another chrysalid.

Scenario 6 was an attack on the Aliens base on earth, hidden in Aztec ruins. I used a model of a Games Workshop Dreadnaught during this.

There was also a flash back scenario after #2- early hours of 6 June 1944, where the human player was the Germans dealing with suspected paratroops.

I ran the game as more of a GM/Umpire rather than play the aliens competatively. This allowed me to adjust difficulty on the fly. Part of this I realised that aliens were too few in number to be able to give first aid, so I came up with blood borne nano-bots. These make a first aid roll as though the alien was healing himself- ie roll REP or under. See Chain Reaction for details

1- Players Brief

1- Umpires Brief

2- Players Brief

2- Umpires Brief

3- Players Brief

4- Players Brief

4- Umpires Brief


Fighter combat


Title page

Weapon stats


The ultimate sulk in our ‘want it now’ society Saturday, Feb 27 2010 

Because not having money at all is better than having next week.

Franco Prussian War Scenario for Black Powder Friday, Feb 19 2010 

I’ve recently purchased ‘Black Powder’ from Warlord Games. I’ve had a trial game with my son, and my first game against a member of my wargame club is for the Franco Prussian War.

We will be using a scenario the club has played a number of times with a number of different rule sets- I thought this would be a good way to compare the rules.

I invite other Black Powder and/or FPW players to comment on my take on the roster and rules.

The original scenario:

Prussian Roster for Black Powder:
Black Powder Roster FPW PRUSSIAN

French Roster for Black Powder:
Black Powder Roster FPW FRENCH

Please feel free to comment on the rosters/scenario rules.

The QR sheets here.

Printer friendly ‘Black Powder’ QR sheets Friday, Feb 19 2010 

As the downloadable one from Warlord games has a coloured back ground, an I don’t intend to use that much yellow ink, I made my own, sticking as far as practicable to their layout.

Break Test QR

QR Sheet

and a Roster Sheet

Black Powder Roster

The original is available here