Finalised rules are here


We have a standing House Rule for all periods to do with Broken Brigades


Everything on this entry is part of the develpment.  I’ve left it so people’s comments make sense.

Having played a number of ‘Black Powder’ games in various periods, these are my proposed period specific rules for the War of Spanish Succession.

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  1. The only formations are Line and Column of March (edit- and Square? Discuss!).  

  2. No unit may move into its flank zones in a single move- it may wheel and move into the starting flank area if it has two or three moves on the Command roll.  Effectively it acts as though it was within 12” of the enemy.  It may wheel no more than 45′ in any one move.  If its command roll allows multiple moves then it may wheel in each.  In practice this means the unit may end up anywhere in its forward or rear zones, as long as no part moves more than 12″, and it is not aligned more than 45″ from where it started.  

  3. A new change of formation – Turn to Flank. A Infantry or Cavalry unit may change between Line and March Column by turning all stands 90’ in place.  The location of any stand does not change, but they all face in the new direction.  They may make a half move before or after.  

  4. An Infantry unit which wishes to enter a wood must form ‘Platoon Columns’.  All stands are separated slightly to put approx an inch between each.  This takes one move.  The unit may then pass through the wood.  Upon exiting it must immediately stop to reform.  Reforming takes an entire move – not the move which exited the wood.   
    While a unit is in Platoon Columns it receives all the penalties for acting as Skirmishers.  It receives NONE of the bonuses.  Additionally it counts as being Disordered for Break Test purposes until it is reformed – It becomes ordered once it if reformed for this purpose, not at the end of the turn; however if disordered normally then it is treated as any other disordered unit.  It may not initiate any form of combat. It may not come into close range (6”) of an enemy.  If charged or otherwise engaged in hand to hand it halves its hand to hand value


  5. Artillery may make no more than one movement.  Once unlimbered it may not be relimbered- the train is sent to the rear (removed from the table). There is no ‘Horse artillery’.  

  6. Artillery firing Ball may ‘bounce through’ the first line (not column, or line where the cannon is in the flank).  If the line is ‘supported’ (as per the rules, a unit behind close enough to give +1 support in hand to hand) it is hit as a ‘Not Clear’ target (i.e -1).  If the target is within 6″ the firer may choose to fire Ball at 2 dice to get the ‘Bounce Through’, or canister at 3 dice, but no bounce through.  To determine if the unit is eligible to be hit draw a straight line from the middle of the cannon front edge, to the middle of the target front edge, and extend backwards – if this line crosses any part of another unit eligible to give/receive support to the targhet unit then it is hit. (This one is from the Black Powder Yahoo group).
  7. EDIT – Armies that used “Platoon Fire” (rather than Rank fire) get the +1 First Volley bonus.