A little experiment.  Please don’t analyse the statistics, and if you know the stats go with what you would have put. 

Read the rules of the game, then make an instant decision on which seems best/gut instinct. Don’t try and outguess what I want please.

This is the game. It is played over 32 rounds, who wins the most rounds wins .

 We each toss some coins (assume they are perfectly fair 50/50 coins). Who ever flips the most heads wins the round. Draws draw the round – it still counts as a round.

Your choice is toss 3, and reflip 1 (UPDATE -if you wish to, you only have to reflip a tail),


 toss 4.

What ever you choose must be used for all 32 flips.

What ever you pick, I have to flip the opposite.

Which do you pick?