This is the plan for storing my War of Spanish Succession figures.  It is a 2 tray “Very Useful Box”. ‘P.Inf’ are Prussians, ‘A.Inf’ are Austrian, ‘1st’ will be 1st fire markers (to show units not yet fired this battle, so getting a bonus on 1st shot).  Completed so far are 10 infanty units, with wound markers, 2 artillery, 2 cavalry, 3 generals and the C in C.

The tray compartments are 6cm square, 5 x 3 to the tray.  Infantry bases are 2cm square, the Cavalry bases are actually 25mm, not 30 as shown, but even I am not nerdy enough to set up Exel (the original program) up to do this.

Box layout plan

I have a 2cm space – what to do with it?


My regular opponent said that his research shows a rough ration of 5:3 of Foot:Horse.  This means I need more Cavalry.  The next box size up is 4 trays, so I’ll have space left over.  So I worked out a force that brings this up to 4 trays worth (MGS means Minor German States)

Box layout plan 4 tray

Damn you Graham.