Where was MY wedding invite. Saturday, Apr 30 2011 

Both William and Catherine (The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – that Wills and Kate) are descended from notorious parliamentary commander ‘Black’ Tom Fairfax, and I have a line of descent from his grandfather. (Edited for spelling)

What’s wrong with being a grammer Nazi? Wednesday, Apr 27 2011 

There is a very real difference between “your” and “you’re”, or “affect” and “effect”. If you point this out people whine that ‘language evolves’, ignoring the fact they are making no sense.

If someone says 2+2=5, correcting them isn’t being a maths nazi.

Your Future, Googled Tuesday, Apr 19 2011 

Randall Munroe, the writer of XKCD has Googled a bunch of search terms and years. Based on this he can predict the future.

Basic wine matching Monday, Apr 11 2011 

Britain is the largest per capita wine market in the world, and it is British tastes that drive production.  Predicting what people will be drinking in Dulwich, not the Dordogne, it turns out is what makes a wine producer successful. 

Having attended a brief introduction to wine/food matching at a county fare yesterday, I pass on the basic hints, so you can all at least enjoy what you are drinking. (after the fold) (more…)

Schrödinger’s Coffin Tuesday, Apr 5 2011 

Are we sure he is in it?