Murdoch press still disgusting Sunday, Jul 24 2011 

Despite everything that has happened, News international just can’t help itself.  The Sun,DESPITE ALL THE REPORTS THAT THE ATTACKS IN NORWAY WERE LINKED TO A BLOND. BLUE EYED NORWEGIAN, was still trying to link the bomb and shootings to Muslim terrorists in their Saturday edition.

Right Wing newspaper lies – Shock! Friday, Jul 22 2011 

Some of you may have seen stories about “We’re not celebrating Waterloo in 2015 because we might upset the French”.

Guess what. it was a load of right wing press bollocks.

I actually bothered to email the Dept of Culture Media and Sport, and asking, and this is the reply.

Dear Mr Hopping

Thank you for your recent e-mail, about the 200th anniversary of Waterloo, in 2015, not being celebrated.

I’m happy to confirm that what you have read in the press is incorrect, and that discussions are taking place within Government to determine how best to formally commemorate this anniversary.

Planning is already being carried out by Waterloo 200, an umbrella organisation which is overseeing the anniversary, and more information can be found on its website

I hope you are reassured by this information.


Chris Green

Ministerial Support Team

Department for Culture, Media & Sport

The Daily Mail ran the original story.  I won’t dignify them with a link.  Remember, in the ’30s they supported Hitler.

You cannot hope
to bribe or twist,
thank God!
the British journalist.

 But, seeing what
the man will do
unbribed, there’s
no occasion to.

 ‘The Uncelestial City’, Humbert Wolfe, 1930

Wargamer’s Rhapsody Monday, Jul 18 2011 

With apologies to Freddie Mercury…

Is this Renaissance?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a leadslide,
My escape from reality
Put out my figures, but your army’s bigger, oh crap,
I’m just a poor bloke, I need more miniatures,
Because I’m easy meat, and paint too slow, don’t roll high, always low,
Any way the dice fall doesn’t really matter to me,
to me

Oh-no, I just killed a man,
Charged him on too far ahead, rolled my dice, now he’s dead
Dammit, the game had just begun,
But now I’ve gone and thrown it all away
Oh-no, oo-ooh, Didn’t mean to make them die,
I’ve got to play this game again tomorrow,
With no men, with no men, coz nothing now can save me

Too late, my reserves are gone,
I’ve got Artillery on my ranks, and his cavalry on my flanks.
Goodbye, ev’rybody, I’ve got to flee,
Gotta leave you all behind and quit the field
Oh hell, oo-ooh, I don’t want to lose,
I sometimes wish I’d never played these rules at all
Coz nothing now can save me…

I see a little silhouette of a man,
Minus 2, minus 2, on your combat roll
Agincourt and Crecy, very, very messy
(buy more lead) buy more lead (buy more lead) buy more lead, buy more lead At a show, ow, ow, ow.

I’m just a poor Colonel, everybody beats me
I’m just a poor gamer with a lone sentry,
Spare me my figures from your huge army
Hard to paint, easy lose, will you take a draw
Surrender! We will not let you draw
(Let him draw!) Surrender! We will not let you draw
(Let him draw!) Surrender! We will not let you draw
(Let me draw) Will not let you draw
(Let me draw) Will not let you draw (Let me draw) Ah
No, no, no, no, no, no, no
(Oh Phil Barker, Phil Barker) 5th edition lets me win
Pendraken has an army put aside for me, for me, for me…

So you think you can flank me and use that old ruse
So you think you can charge me and leave me to lose
Oh, damn it, no matter how much I plan it,
Just gotta pack up, just gotta pack up my men now
Nothing ever works, Anything I try,
Nothing ever works,
Nothing ever works, for me
(Any way the smoke blows)

How to solve “Missing Flash.ocx” the simple way Monday, Jul 11 2011 

If you get this error message it can be a bit of a puzzler – You return to your computer after half an hour and you get this as a warning box, even though everything was fine when you left it.  What’s happened?

Well firstly you have probably just installed the latest Adobe Flash update, yes?  Then your screensaver tried to kick in.  The problem is your screensaver needs Flash.  Of course it could happen if you have tried to use a Flash reliant programme.  The reason is the Adobe update renames the Flash programme.  Now if you Google this problem you’ve probably been taken to any number of sites telling you to uninstall stuff, down load special fixer programmes etc.  These are all over complicated.  Below is the easy method:


HMRC ‘tax repayment’ email scam Monday, Jul 4 2011 

 I received an email yesterday from HM Revenue and Customs, advising me of a tax repayment of £385.50. There is an important lesson here. When pretending to be from HMRC, do not send your phishing lines to former HMRC employees. Especially those who know there is a specialist email address for the public to forward such emails to.

Any British readers who get an email purporting to notify of tax repayment should forward it to

its the that tells you its a real government address – GSI is Government Secure Interface. HMRC DOES NOT contact via email, due to the insecure nature.

Why I wargame 10mm Saturday, Jul 2 2011 

Tonight I played a game of Black Powder for War of Spanish Succession.  I wanted a chance to get all my newly painted figures – 4 regiments of cuirassier and 3 grenadier battalions – on the table.

My total was

  • 18 infantry battalions – 36 men in 2 ranks in each
  • 8 twelve man cavalry regiments
  • 3 cannon
  • 5 generals with AdC’s etc
  • Commander in Chief

My opponent fielded 2/3 to 3/4 of this. We fitted this on a 6 foot by 4 foot (approx 1m80 x 1m20) table.  My army cost approx £110 (at a guess, it was bought in bits) from Pendraken (my figure caster of choice).

My opponents said that it looked impressive from where he sat.  Indeed it did – far more from his side.

I took some photos – unfortunately I had to use my phone, as I forgot my camera.

As we are using 10mm we have used cm instead of inches in the rules, or as close as is practical, so an infantry battalion is 6 20mm bases, rather than 45mm bases.  This means I could get over 700 figures on the total to give a real mass effect.  To play the same game with 28mm it would have had to have a table 12 feet or more wide.

Additionally 28mm figures are 10 times more expensive as they use so much metal – a battalion costs me about £4, that could easily be £40 or more for 28s- even the plastic ones would cost £15+ for 36 figures.  10’s are easy to paint – I’ve just painted 3 battalions -108 figures- in 48 hours, and that includes doing housework, moving my stepson and daughter in law stuff to their new house and generally not painting.  In addition I can fit all of the figures in a 4 tray ‘very useful box’ for nice and easy storage, and it can be easily lifted