My Life – a Venn diagram Wednesday, Oct 5 2011 


This bloody hurts (and it is icky) Saturday, Oct 1 2011 

At some point on Wednesday or Thursday I managed to get something in my eye.  It irritated through Thursday, and resisted all efforts to wash it out.  It then kept me awake all Thursday night  (literally – I finally passed out at 6:30 am)

I phoned my GP and they said go to A&E at the hospital , being better equiped.  The nurse there attempted to swab it off with a cotton bud, but it is properly stuck to my eyeball.  So he then put anasthetic in my eye (it stung),  and tried to get it with a surgical needle (yes pointy metal in my eye!)  This didn’t work.  Because it was just off the cornea (it’s where the iris meets the white) he couldn’t be too adventurous, as it was near lots of blood vessels.  It had already bled a tiny bit, but to remove it could cause a lot of bleeding (yes, from the eyeball), and the emergency dept isn’t set up for that.

So I have a prescription for some gel which will soften the ‘skin’, and an appointment for 11am tomorrow (Saturday) at the eye clinic.  I hope that it works!