It was suggested to me recently I haven’t written a poem in a while. I took the hint. Not sure it’s what she expected, though.

Everywhere on Earth
There are things that come in twos
Coz no one likes the rhythm
Without listening to the blues.

There’s no Ant without his Dec
Or Chuckle without his brother
You can’t have one
Without the other.

So like an Albert with no Square
A Coronation with no Street
I find that it is you I need
To make my life complete.

Oh, you’re my ball and chain, my trouble and strife
The woman with who I want to share my life.
I don’t want much, just a cuddle and kiss
And the occasional night out for an evening on the piss.

We’re like Merry and Pippin
You’re the Sapphire to my Steel
And when I think Avengers
You’re my Mrs Peel

There’s nothing I won’t do,
For you I had the snip
You’re my favourite Kim who
Isn’t head of a dictatorship.

I’m the Morecambe to your Wise
I want to be in a play what you wrote
And like the Atlantic Ocean
You really float my boat.

You’re my Trouble and Strife, my Ball and Chain
But if I had a choice, I’d chase you all again.
I’m happy with a snog, and maybe if I’m in luck
A pint or two with mates, down at the Dog and Duck.

Like Romeo and Juliette,
Sybil and Sam Vimes
Without you life is pointless
Like tequila without the limes

I’ll be your favourite Doctor
If you’ll be my River Song
And I’ll pretend you’re right
Even when you’re wrong.

So though I’m an aging toy-boy,
Who’s getting a little old,
I hope that I’m still yours,
For you to have and you to hold.

So if you be ‘er indoors, I’ll be your pot and pan
You can be my Leia, and I will be your Han
So now I’ll end my song, I don’t want to cause a ruck.
We’re better as a couple, without you life would really suck.