I have  a low tolerance for “celebrity” news. I found the outpouring of grief about Princess Diana just a bit nauseating, the mass flower layings at the homes of the famous annoys me.  I was sad when Rik Mayall died, but it wasn’t a matter of grief, just sadness at the early death of another human, one whose work I enjoyed.

So why am I affected so much by Robin Williams?

The Academy tweeted “Genie, your free.” Many have pointed out that suicide wasn’t a release, it was a cry for help, a scream of despair, and, although made with the best of intentions, may send the wrong signal about suicide for those suffering .  Never-the-less it made me cry, a reaction to the loss of a troubled genius. No. The loss of a troubled man.

One website comment thread only had one comment, repeated time and time again by different commenters;

O Captain! My Captain!

Dozens of people, all with the same thought, all with the same message.”We loved you.”

In Dead Poet’s society teacher John Keating hears his former pupils make this statement, each quoting Whitman in support.  Robin will never know.

In those last moments could he have suspected the love the world would show for him? If he had know, would his blackness still be overwhelming?  We can never know. Yet the love for him is evident and sincere. There appears none of the hysteria of, say, Diana, or Jade Goody, just people saying “He can’t go, I loved his work, I loved him.”

 And that is what moves me.  A man killed himself. He was in a place so dark that he could not see any light. It wasn’t something random, an illness, an accident. Another human being could not see anything worth living for, nothing to keep him going. And he will never know how much he meant to people.

For me that is the tragedy, a man feeling alone.

I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone.

Robin Williams

What more is there to say. Perhaps a reflection on the mind of a genius

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