Media Whore Nigel Farage (Grandson of immigrants, married an immigrant) has said he will lead a march of 100,000 on the Supreme Court.
The reason to lead a march is to try and change opinion. Thats fine – when leading a march on Parliament- MPs should listen. They don’t have to accept, but they should listen..
These aren’t MPs he is trying to influence. These are judges. They have one rule – apply the law. The law isn’t hostage to public opinion. It can only be what it is.
Farage is literally trying to subvert the law.
Imagine if you are playing a game of Monopoly. You land on Mayfair and say “I will buy that for £400, as printed on the board.”
The other 4 players say “We’ve decided that it has to be £1,000.”
“Hold on,” you say, “the rules state £400.”
“We’ve held a vote – and the majority have decided.”
You wouldn’t accept it in a board game. Why the hell should we accept it as the Law of the Land?