“Spicer Just Raped The Media” Sunday, Jan 29 2017 

That was the title of a post on a forum that is predominately US right-wingers.

He, in the words of the original poster, ‘Raped the Media’. This was about the Trump news conference at the CIA, when Sean Spicer was asked how many Trump people were in the audience, because it was noted that the CIA seniors did not applaud when others did.

The rest of the thread turned to how unfair the media coverage of the inauguration was, because the ‘liberal media’ unfairly compared attendance with 2012.

I’ve been in meetings with rapists. They are not nice people. I pointed this out: this is what I said.

Sean Spice just raped the media.

Possibly the best description that could be applied.

Because that makes Spicer a rapist. And anyone who has to deal with rapists know that they are whiny, self-obsessed, self-centred PoS it is your misfortune to meet. Give me an interview with a murderer any day.

Sean Spicer – Rapist.

Whiny and incapable of telling the truth. Always somebody else’s fault.

Yep, that’s a rapist.

He could have made any number of points – there are less Trump supporters in that part of the country would have been valid. He could have tried something new for his Snowflake Of The United States. Humility. He could have said “We know President Trump is divisive. Let him prove that he will work for all Americans.”

But no. Rapists can’t do that. They can’t admit fault. They lie, and when they can lie no more, they blame the victim. They sit their in their latrine of self-pity. Its the victim’s fault for telling the truth. It is the victim’s fault that the rapist is being punished.

Sean Spicer – as praised by the Blue Fez, a rapist of the media. Caught in an easily disprovable lie.

Do you know what rapists do when they get caught in a lie? They lie more, as if they can drown the truth. Most criminals step up to the line, they admit it. They may not have made a different decision, but they do tend to stop the whiny ‘its not fair’ act.

Sean Spicer, rapist.

It’s not their fault. It’s not fair. They are the victim.

Spicer raped the media.

No, he raped facts. Easily provable facts. And like any rapist when they get caught, he whined and blamed anybody but himself.

Sean Spicer – Rapist

We need to talk about Donald Friday, Dec 2 2016 

I first posted the following on a Right of Centre forum.

This isn’t a political post.

It’s not about his politics.

It’s not going to critique the GOP.

It’s about the failure that has been elected.  Ignore the electoral college/popular vote.  Well read Europeans (ie like me) understand how that works.  Its not even about how DJT doesn’t understand that.  Like he didn’t understand the way Primaries work.

Hillary knew the EC.  Bush, Rubio et al understood Primaries.

It’s not that.

Its about how a man-child is going to be in charge of the public face of the USA.

He is incompetent.

He can not handle the post.

His dad maybe.  I know little of his dad, but he was a driver of the Trump empire.  Donald inherited.  He never drove.

He’s skipping intelligence briefings, and is now doing victory parades.

Is it only non’Republicans’* who see the problem?

The bloke is an idiot.

As a businessman he is a failure. (As a man who makes money he may be a success – maybe)

All countries have a ‘creation myth’.  “This is who we are.”  It tends to be misinterpreted bullshit.  So for the French it is all ‘Storming the Bastille’, and ignores ‘The Terror’.  For the US it is all ‘Standing up to King George, and plucky farmers beating Red Coats’.

The problem with the US is people get elected on that bullshit.

“I’m an outsider.”  I think we may have Jimmy Stewart to blame for that.

Outsiders don’t know how things work.  They don’t see ‘pressure at point ‘a’ produces result at point ‘v’.  Yes Civil Services are slow.  There are hurdles that make them slow.  Those hurdles are there for a reason.  They make sure that what is being done isn’t being done to profit those at the top.

As a business man, Trump is free to appoint who he likes. As a Public Servant he must act in the interest of all.

As a businessman, if Trump screws up a chain of casinos goes down.  If Trump fails to understand that having two businesses competing when he owns both may not be a good idea then a business, maybe two, goes down.

THIS IS NOT TRUE OF A PRESIDENT.  It doesn’t matter what the country is.  It could be some African dictatorship.  If it goes down the tubes an entire population suffers.  You don’t shift citizenships like you shift jobs.

And this is the USA.  This is the Big Beast.  I won’t go into why and hows.  It isn’t exceptionalism though. But still, it is the biggest (by GDP) economy.

It is the military that spends more than the next 15 combined.

It is the largest, or 2nd largest (depending on metric) nuclear force.

And the man in charge doesn’t understand how it works.

The man with the ability to end life on Earth can not be trusted by his own staff with Twitter…

Think about that.

So… This is a man who is carrying out a victory parade across the US.  This is also the man who is turning down Intelligence Briefings from the daily digest the President gets.  He is REFUSING to be the most informed person on the planet.

Everything Mike Pence stands for I disagree with. Women’s rights, gay rights.  You name it.  He is pretty much opposed to me.  Trump is a New Yorker.  He has been pretty liberal (lower case ‘l’) in the past.  But Pence knows how The Hill works.  He doesn’t say the first thing that pops into his head.  He would be a more competent president.

Trump made promises he has no way of fulfilling.  He rolled them back as soon as the vote was in.  He didn’t even pretend.

You can’t defend him.  Trump is a failed President before he starts.


*ie non ‘GOP’ as opposed to anti-monarchists.