I’m sorry Jade, I don’t care (and it may be my readers fault). Sunday, Mar 8 2009 

In recent weeks much has been published about Jade Goody and her terminal cancer.

I’m sorry. I really don’t care that much.

It’s not that I’m a heartless bastard, but she is a stranger to me. Yes it is sad that she is so young- in her twenties- and that she leaves two small children. But lots of people die young, leaving children. We do not get the wall to wall coverage of them.

You may be surprised that the one person I DON’T blame for this over-exposure is Jade herself. She has been making as much money as possible from the media (Wedding in “OK” etc) as possible, so as to leave as much money as possible for he boys.  Given her career as a ‘C’ list celeb, some have suggested she probably has more money than most, though if it was me I would still worry.

No I blame the idiots in the media (obviously) who think that we want to see it, that parasite Max Clifford, her ‘publicist’ (who will no doubt say he’s just helping her ‘secure her childrens’  future- to him I say “On what percentage?”) and people like you, dear reader. (more…)

I’m 40 today! Monday, Feb 23 2009 

Oh bugger

Bit of an incident- and thanks Sunday, Jan 25 2009 

Had a bit of an incident at about 11:30pm last night- my wife knocked the cooker and somehow switched on the hob.  This caused a shallow frying pan to over heat, and the oil in it ignited.  This in turn set fire to a plastic saucepan handle.   When the fire alarm went off I rushed down stairs (everyone was in bed or going, or reading blogs), and ran into the kitchen. I turned off the hob, soaked a towel, throwing it over the flaming fat, and managing to cover the plastic handle at the same time.  I then opened the kitchen window.  I was in the kitchen for about 30 seconds to a minute.

I then called the Fire Brigade (despite my wife saying “why are you doing it that if it’s out”.)  They checked everything out and called a paramedic for me because of the smoke inhalation.  While waiting they put me on oxygen, partly because I was coughing (due to the acrid plastic smoke).

The paramedic checked my O2 level in my blood, and then took me up the hospital.  They checked my heart rate, and blood pressure which was 170 over 130!  They were a little concerned.  20 minutes later this had dropped, but was still high.  Because it was smoke inhalation I was put on pure oxygen for an over an hour.  Another blood pressure test was more normal (high end of acceptable), and a blood test (“This will hurt”, “I give blood”, “This will hurt”.  It did- turns out taking blood from an artery is a bit more hit and miss than taking it from a vein) showed no carbon monoxide.

I returned home (at 3 in the morning) wide awake, but with a sore throat!  House smells and the toaster has been condemned by the Fire Brigade (was close to the fire), along with the two pans in question (traitors).  They apparently have conducted a risk assessment (classing my 12 year old as a ‘Hazard’, much to his amusement), giving advice, and put up a couple of new smoke alarms.

Warning FAIL Monday, Dec 29 2008 

Sign Fail!

Sign Fail!

From a holiday a few years ago- this warning in Rye harbour.

Must. Cut. Down. Coffee. Tuesday, Dec 23 2008 

Or I will spend all my time a walking zombie.  Couldn’t get to sleep until well past 2am, woke up at least once, and finally got up at 5:45am.  If you get caffine withdrawl headaches at weekends then that looks like a fairly big hint that I may be drinking too much at work (plus I’m getting some odd dreams- put it this way: I think Mrs Hussar got some ‘unwelcome attention’ at 3 in the morning if being elbowed awake one night is any indication).

Catholic Church still rooted in medieval nonsense Part 2 Tuesday, Dec 23 2008 

…Because this time it’s personal

The Pope says in his Christmas message that ‘Teh evul Gays’ (This may not be a direct quote) are as big a threat to the world as the destruction of the environment

When the Roman Catholic Church defends God’s Creation, “it does not only defend the earth, water and the air… but (it) also protects man from his own destruction,”

It is not “outmoded metaphysics” to urge respect for the “nature of the human being as man and woman,” he told scores of prelates gathered in the Vatican’s sumptuous Clementine Hall.

The Catholic Church opposes gay marriage. It teaches that while homosexuality is not sinful, homosexual acts are.

from this BBC article.  The problem of course it feels that we need protecting from loving someonewho happens to have the same plumbing as us.  Because if you are looking for understanding about Gay issues, sex and other such topics, then who wouldn’t go to an ex-Nazi who’s been celebate most his life?

Ross, Brand and Sachs- JUST MOVE ON. Thursday, Oct 30 2008 

What is the fuss?  The worldwide economy is in meltdown, and the news concentrates on the prank phone call by two overgrown schoolkids. Yes Ross is probably overpaid (though I bet he gets nowhere near the £18m reported- thios was denied when this was first claimed, but – surprise surprise- the rags never corrected). Yes it was a stupid thing to do.  But really, lets get some perspective.

There were virtually no complaints until that nasty right wing rag the Mail broke the story.  So if they hadn’t said anything, no one would have been offended.

The person they phoned is famous for portraying the Spanish as being stupid, while being hit by a Manic-Depressive. As wonderful as ‘Fawlty Towers’ is, it is hardly the most sympathetic of comedies.

And the ‘poor sweet grand-daughter’ who has suffered this (?) is in a not very good ‘neo-goth burlesque dance troop’-  I’m sorry, completely crap dance troop- called “Satanic Sluts”, who appeared on stage at Glastonbury simulating brutal lesbian sex while dressed in stockings, susspenders and basque.

Can we have some proper news now.

SubPrime Explained Thursday, Oct 9 2008 

That well know expert George Parr explains all.

New series Bremner Bird and Fortune, Sundays, November 08

Official- Catholic Church still rooted in Medieval Nonsense Friday, Oct 3 2008 

The Pope (Benedict XVI) today re-affirmed the Vatican’s opposition to artificial birth control.

Contraception “means negating the intimate truth of conjugal love, with which the divine gift (of life) is communicated”.  He went on to say he had no opposition to ‘natural” birth control- which either means abstenance, or hoping the woman’s period is regular enough that you can work out when she’s ‘safe’ (though this isn’t a given).  I’m not sure about the “John Wayne Method”- a fast draw before shooting (though how many men really have that much self control at orgasm?)

I’m not sure what he hopes to achieve.  It won’t stop casual sex – “Do me big boy, but no jonnies- his Holiness doesn’t like them used while I’m fornicating” – if you are shagging around the ‘no jonnies rule’ is really not a major worry.  The poor will have two choices- no sex in a marriage or risk another mouth to feed. All that he can hope is to drive more people in the developed world away from the Church.

Religeous leaders bemoan the fact that liberal countries are opposed to religeon.  Could it be that liberal countries also tend to be somewhat educated as well?

You can buy anything on the Internet! Tuesday, Apr 8 2008 

You may notice in some sites that the sidebar ads are linked (however tenuously) to the subject.  There is no human intervention in this- the site owner sells ad space, and a ‘bot’ picks out keywords and drops an ‘appropriate’ ad in.  However, the ebay one seems to have excelled itself

North Korean Army
Fantastic low prices here. Feed your passion on eBay.co.uk

I would- but frankly I’m not sure where I would put that many tanks! (Les’s site StupidEvilBastard.com is a master at these- he posts a rant at religeon, and in the sidebar is a link inviting you to be ‘saved’!)

Any other inappropriate ads you’ve seen?

Diana Conspiracy Tuesday, Apr 8 2008 

There wasn’t one, their isn’t one.  Drunk Driver.  In French Law Henri Paul’s employer is legally liable for illegal actions of employees while ‘on duty’ so the Phony Pharoe has an interest in it NOT being Henri’s fault.

Lamenting lost youth… Wednesday, Jan 9 2008 

…not so much the loss of youth, but the fact that “If I knew then what I know now…”

 No, really, it’s just not fair.

 This all started about an hour ago, watching ‘Classic Albums’ on BBC4.  I wasn’t going to watch, but I missed the opening titles, and on re-entering the room I found it was “Night at the Opera” by Queen.  Being a bitt of a fan in my teens I watched.

 I’d forgotten, or possibly never realised how good they were.  I have/had this on tape (somewhere, possibly thrown away now).

 The production of the talent was something I can now appreciate.  Usually when it comes to presents I say not to worry, so end up with stuff I often don’t really want.  I want this on CD.

 It made me think. Youth is wasted on the young.  I didn’t appreciate Queen 20 years ago, not really.  I didn’t understand the skill and talent they contained.  Likewise, I have said for about 10 years if I could retake my O levels they would be stunning, especially subjects like English Lit.  I look at the opinions of teens now, and think “Was I like that?”


Not as rational as I’d hoped. Sunday, Nov 11 2007 

When I visit Les’ board over at http://stupidevilbastard.com/ one of the frequesnt topics is religeon, and the gulf with reality that certain Americans seem to have when it comes to the difference between Religeon and scientific fact.  Some contributors look longingly at Europe and wish that they lived somewhere where religeon intrudes less on daily life.

 Then I read this

42% of Britons pray, survey finds
Praying makes people feel “peaceful and content” and more than 40% of us are engaged in this spiritual activity, according to a new survey.

Research into the views of 1,000 adults in the UK has shown 42% said they pray to God with about one in six praying every day and one in four praying at least once a week.

on the AOL news

It appears to be a comfort thing. However I did wonder about

Prayer was so popular that even those with no religion were participating – with one in eight, or 12%, of this group praying sometimes.

I can only assume that they prey to a concept.

The phrase

A total of 57% of those who pray said they believed that prayer changed what happened in their life and 32% said they had seen the effect of prayer on their lives.

Just shows humans are very good at seeing patterns where none exist. Reserch actually shows that when praying for hospital patients, those with no pleas to the Big Sky Daddy, on average, healed quicker.

Maybe Britain is not as rational when it comes to science as I like to believe, but then given the explosion of pseudoscience- homeopathy, crystals etc I should not be surprised.

Breasts, Nipples and Beer Wednesday, Oct 24 2007 

So, after putting a title on that will have 95% of men going “Where!” I give you a story that shows that maybe the Australian Authorities are not as happy-go-lucky as they like to portray their national characteristics.  This from AOL news reports:

A barmaid who demonstrated her party trick of crushing beer cans between her breasts has been fined more than £400 for breaking Australian licensing laws.

And a colleague who helped Luana De Faveri show off her other talent of hanging spoons from her nipples was fined £200.

Ms De Faveri, 31, pleaded guilty to two breaches of the county’s Liquor Control Act, according to the Australian Associated Press.

Police said she twice exposed her breasts to customers in the Premier Hotel in Pinjarra, near Perth. (more…)

Just because you’re clever… Tuesday, Aug 28 2007 

doesn’t mean you are smart.

Worried about our 11 year old son’s education we had him independently assessed. He has Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, and very mild symptoms of Asbergers.  However he also has an IQ of 135+ they say.

So why did he superglue a glass to the kitchin table?

His 19 year old half brother doesn’t do much better- again top IQ, but decided to help me in the garden by breaking up concrete path.  No objection from me, but why did he use a pick axe with out safety goggles and BAREFOOT?

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