Reasons to be Cheerful Monday, Jun 28 2010 

Despite this weekend…

I’m going on holiday .

The Argentinians look like they will beat the Germans

I still have the box of four different Wychwood beers.

And a Cumberland Lakeland IPA.

And you can get it in Morrisons

Even if Pendraken have to put up their prices they will still be good value

I’ve got a new car.

Spurs look good under ‘Arry.

My wife is determined to convert the garage into a wargame room for me.

The Austrians should be better to paint than the Prussians I’ve just finished.

CDS, the scenario book and 2 army packs still come to less than £60 GBP

I’ve almost finished the WW2 Brits.

I’ve got an absolutely cracking Arnhem scenario planned for September.

I’m going Quad biking next week.

I’ve still got beer left at my mate’s house for our next game. (I Think).

There is are loads of places on the internet where you can avoid today’s match

and some of them have naked ladies on.

I could finally shave, no longer having to ‘back the beard’

Star Trekking (across the Universe): Intech Planetarium Tuesday, Aug 25 2009 

Holiday: Day 1, Monday.
Last week we spent a few days in Hampshire. As is our usual practice we started the visiting on the day of travel before arriving at the place we stay (in this case a cheap family room in a Travel-lodge). This time it was the Intech Science Centre just outside Winchester. 
Lady Hussar had got money off vouchers from the ‘web, and I think it cost about £20 for a family ticket, plus another £2 per person ( four people) for the addition of the planetarium. (fold put in, as it is a long post- but my experience was amazing)


God Hates Christians Wednesday, Apr 29 2009 

Swine Fever/Pig Flu is close to becoming a pandemic, just 100 days after President Obama took office and started to reverse the lunacy of Bush II, and three US states recognise gay marriage.  So when do we start getting the religious loonies over there saying “IT’S A PUNISHMENT FROM GOD!”. 

Please, Please, PLEASE tell us it is a punishment from God, because I want to get in the queue (hell, I’ll start the queue) to point out Muslims and Jews consider pigs dirty creatures, and they would not have been intensively farming them, unlike CHRISTIAN Mexico, causing this problem.

Oh No- If only Obama REALLY WAS Muslim, and REALLY INTENDED to force you all to become Muslims, maybe you would all be saved by Allah. (Yeah, I know, there are cases in the Middle East now, but hey, when did the Religious Right let the facts stand in the way of a good rant?)

10,000 Monday, Jan 26 2009 

The view counter for the Barracks hit 10,000 at some point in the last 2 hours 15 minutes, and as of 30 seconds ago was on exactly that.

Now to get you buggers posting responses.

Addendum- I’ve only just spotted the spellchecker, and full screen editing of posts, after 21 months!  I should really play with it more to see what else it does.

Bit of an incident- and thanks Sunday, Jan 25 2009 

Had a bit of an incident at about 11:30pm last night- my wife knocked the cooker and somehow switched on the hob.  This caused a shallow frying pan to over heat, and the oil in it ignited.  This in turn set fire to a plastic saucepan handle.   When the fire alarm went off I rushed down stairs (everyone was in bed or going, or reading blogs), and ran into the kitchen. I turned off the hob, soaked a towel, throwing it over the flaming fat, and managing to cover the plastic handle at the same time.  I then opened the kitchen window.  I was in the kitchen for about 30 seconds to a minute.

I then called the Fire Brigade (despite my wife saying “why are you doing it that if it’s out”.)  They checked everything out and called a paramedic for me because of the smoke inhalation.  While waiting they put me on oxygen, partly because I was coughing (due to the acrid plastic smoke).

The paramedic checked my O2 level in my blood, and then took me up the hospital.  They checked my heart rate, and blood pressure which was 170 over 130!  They were a little concerned.  20 minutes later this had dropped, but was still high.  Because it was smoke inhalation I was put on pure oxygen for an over an hour.  Another blood pressure test was more normal (high end of acceptable), and a blood test (“This will hurt”, “I give blood”, “This will hurt”.  It did- turns out taking blood from an artery is a bit more hit and miss than taking it from a vein) showed no carbon monoxide.

I returned home (at 3 in the morning) wide awake, but with a sore throat!  House smells and the toaster has been condemned by the Fire Brigade (was close to the fire), along with the two pans in question (traitors).  They apparently have conducted a risk assessment (classing my 12 year old as a ‘Hazard’, much to his amusement), giving advice, and put up a couple of new smoke alarms.