For our wedding “we” asked for DIY vouchers. (“we” did).

What “we” want is a patio area with a L shaped brick wall at the end, so last summer “we” dug a trench totalling 6m, by half a metre, by about 50cm deep. “We” put in about 25cm of hardcore, but it couldn’t get finished due to the bad weather. So over the bank holiday “we” laid foundations. This involved “us” moving 3/4 ton of various aggregates/cement etc, and laying 1/2 ton of concrete.

To do this “we” spent about £60-£70 of vouchers. This was wrong. Apparently the wedding present was for nice things (like the wall). The explanation ‘If you want the freaking wall, you have to have the freaking concrete’ does not cut any ice with “us” (although our 12 year old understood the concept).

(“we” now need to learn how to brick lay)