What’s wrong with being a grammer Nazi? Wednesday, Apr 27 2011 

There is a very real difference between “your” and “you’re”, or “affect” and “effect”. If you point this out people whine that ‘language evolves’, ignoring the fact they are making no sense.

If someone says 2+2=5, correcting them isn’t being a maths nazi.

Schrödinger’s Coffin Tuesday, Apr 5 2011 

Are we sure he is in it?

113th Time Travel Society Christmas dinner Sunday, Dec 26 2010 

Adding flavour to ‘Black Powder’ orders. Tuesday, Dec 21 2010 

In ‘Black Powder’ you give the order for the unit before rolling the command dice.  The dice may give you 1, 2 or 3 moves.  If you don’t have enough moves to complete your order you must try to complete it, even if you don’t like where it leaves the unit. Giving an order is easy if there is a terrain feature – “The brigade will advance onto the hill and take a defensive position.”  but not so easy to define if moving across open ground, and you don’t want them to go all the way across.

My regular opponent and I have taken to referring to ‘paces’ where 1 unit of movement (UM for ease hereafter) is 10 paces (We use centimeters instead of inches, but the principle is the same).  Thus an order of “The battalion will move 150 paces forward” is a move of 15.

Given I reckon 1 UM is approx 10 yards this works well; strictly a pace is two and a half feet, so  1 UM is 12 paces, but it’s close enough.  A scale of 1 UM to 10 yards makes for easy conversion, but there is no reason why you couldn’t call it 8 yards.

Coin flipping game Tuesday, Oct 12 2010 

A little experiment.  Please don’t analyse the statistics, and if you know the stats go with what you would have put. 

Read the rules of the game, then make an instant decision on which seems best/gut instinct. Don’t try and outguess what I want please.

This is the game. It is played over 32 rounds, who wins the most rounds wins .

 We each toss some coins (assume they are perfectly fair 50/50 coins). Who ever flips the most heads wins the round. Draws draw the round – it still counts as a round.

Your choice is toss 3, and reflip 1 (UPDATE -if you wish to, you only have to reflip a tail),


 toss 4.

What ever you choose must be used for all 32 flips.

What ever you pick, I have to flip the opposite.

Which do you pick?

Sherlock mixed with David Mitchell – Yeah, I can live with that Thursday, Sep 16 2010 

I’ve just taken the “Which BBC personality are you” quiz on the BBC website


I got

Based on what you’ve told us, if you were a BBC personality, you’d be 

40% BBC One’s Sherlock [this is the 2010 version]
30% David Mitchell from Mitchell & Webb
30% Dalek from Doctor Who

 You probably seek your own path through life, and this is reflected in the TV and films you watch. You tend to be loyal – once you’ve found something you love, you stick with it, and watch every episode. Quirky and unusual storylines appeal to you, whether it’s comedy or drama, because you’re an individual.

Not sure about the Dalek bit though (but come to think of it, a laser would come in handy).

Reasons to be Cheerful Monday, Jun 28 2010 

Despite this weekend…

I’m going on holiday .

The Argentinians look like they will beat the Germans

I still have the box of four different Wychwood beers.

And a Cumberland Lakeland IPA.

And you can get it in Morrisons

Even if Pendraken have to put up their prices they will still be good value

I’ve got a new car.

Spurs look good under ‘Arry.

My wife is determined to convert the garage into a wargame room for me.

The Austrians should be better to paint than the Prussians I’ve just finished.

CDS, the scenario book and 2 army packs still come to less than £60 GBP

I’ve almost finished the WW2 Brits.

I’ve got an absolutely cracking Arnhem scenario planned for September.

I’m going Quad biking next week.

I’ve still got beer left at my mate’s house for our next game. (I Think).

There is are loads of places on the internet where you can avoid today’s match

and some of them have naked ladies on.

I could finally shave, no longer having to ‘back the beard’

Knackered Friday, May 7 2010 

I was going to write something on the need for a fairer voting system.  However I have just moved 3 cubic meters of topsoil from the front of the house to the back, and I am knackered.

OK Not clever or interesting but accurate.

Now do you see why I don’t understand addicts to twitter and Facebook?

Does any one know how much 3 Cu M of Top Soil weighs?

Congratulations Tuesday, Mar 30 2010 

To my Step-Son and his young lady, Ben and Loren, who are engaged.

As I pointed out to Lady Hussar, this time in 3 years we could be Grand-Parents (they have promised to do it in the ‘correct order’, and get proper jobs).  She told me to shut up.

A year’s worth of dots Thursday, Mar 11 2010 

Cluster Maps clears once a year to stop it becoming just a red smear. This is the one that will disappear soon.

After the break a list of visitors by country (more…)

The ultimate sulk in our ‘want it now’ society Saturday, Feb 27 2010 

Because not having money at all is better than having next week.

Kadir-Buxton for World President Friday, Jan 29 2010 

You will be amazed what this man has done- whether persuading Gorbachev to end the cold war, or advising the UN on deep drill wells.


He has a list of amazing inventions (on the left of the page). Did you know a woman’s G-Spot has a colour?

Who Are Yer? Tuesday, Jan 26 2010 

I get a regular trickle of hits on my home page- this may mean a few of you are interested enough to visit regularly- more regularly than I write.

I also appear to get hits from all round the world- from Japan to Slovenia. What did you find on Google that made you click here.

Oh- Hi to Dana, SEB, ***Dave and Thomo the Lost.

Narwhals – Take that PZ Sunday, Jan 17 2010 

Prof Myers may wish to note the supremacy of mammals at approx 19 seconds.

Recipe – Cheesy Stuffed Baked Potatoes Tuesday, Jul 7 2009 


Bake 1 large potato per person (or 3 to 2 if you think you need to). They must be large ones.

You can microwave, BUT THEY MUST BE FINISHED IN THE OVEN- the crispy/hard skin is a must.

Grate Cheese- Now grate a tad more. Now do another couple of grates per person. (this is n’t really a ‘measure’ recipe!)


The Difficult bit

Cut potatoes in half- longways, and probably so the halves are shallow as you can get- you will need to stand these like boat hulls to finish, so think ahead

Now VERY CAREFULLY (No more careful than that) scoop the flesh out the skin. It is important you do not break the skin (which is why they have to be crispy). I usually cut round with a paring knife, then use a dessert spoon. It is better to cut too shallow- you can always scrape more out, you can’t repair the skin.

BUT you need to do this ASAP so flesh is still as hot as possible.

Mash flesh and cheese- add a knob of butter, but not too much- you are not going for creamy mashed potatoes- and a little black pepper and Worcester sauce. Basically you want thick (but not too lumpy) mashed potatoes.

Scoop the Cheesy mash back into the skins.

Sprinkle with a more grated cheese, (and Worcester if you like)

Finish under grill until cheese on top is golden (this may be a better place to add the second lot of Worcester, like cheese on toast).

I posted this on a wargame site, and a couple of guys thought up additions- chopped crispy bacon and/or chives, so don’t be afraid to try adding stuff.

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