Printer friendly ‘Black Powder’ QR sheets Friday, Feb 19 2010 

As the downloadable one from Warlord games has a coloured back ground, an I don’t intend to use that much yellow ink, I made my own, sticking as far as practicable to their layout.

Break Test QR

QR Sheet

and a Roster Sheet

Black Powder Roster

The original is available here

Wargame Counters WW2 Companies Sunday, Oct 11 2009 

Sets of counters suitable for ‘Poor Bloody Infantry” (PBI) by Peter Pig and “I ain’t been shot mum” (IABSM) by the Too Fat Lardies


Germans 1

Germans 2

Casulaty markers

I stick mine on the back of cheap floor tiles (the self adhesive kind) before cutting to give extra weight.

Kiss Me Hardy Game cards Wednesday, Sep 9 2009 

For you to make that all important deck for the “Kiss Me Hardy” wargame by the “Too Fat Lardies”. (Review) Each card is 6cm x 9cm (at least it was before the PDF process!), clip art from Word2002.

KMH General Cards

KMH British Cards

KMH French cards

KMH Spanish Cards

Please feel free to leave a comment below.
See also record sheets for all Ships of the Line at Trafalgar.

Kiss Me Hardy- Trafalgar data sheets Friday, Sep 4 2009 

Ship sheets for all ships of the line at Trafalgar, for use with ‘Kiss Me Hardy’ naval rules by ‘Too Fat Lardies’. (review)

KMH Trafalgar Ships

They should be mostly self explanatory if you have the rules. All possible national characteristics are shown, those in brackets are ones that may not occur depending on crew quality- e.g all JJT’s are ‘Determined’ but not all are (Fervent)- cross out any that don’t apply to your die roll for that ship

On the DP track numbers in red italic are the 5DP point for losing a gunnery factor, and the box with the double/heavy outline is the 50% mark- when you cross this off it is the strike test.  The % down the side are the basic strike percentage while any boxes in that row are not crossed out.

The track down the side of the rigging boxes is for putting a counter in if you alter sail setting.

I trim mine to a 2-3mm outside the border, laminate, then trim these to a few mm all around- enough for the laminate to stick away from the paper.  I use OHP/whiteboard type pens to mark off.  This means I can just put the whole lot in a basin of water (or once, under the shower) to quickly clean them.

See also cards for “Kiss Me Hardy”.

Whoops – at least one of the Spanish Ships is shown as crewed by Jolly Jack Tars (San Leandro). It SHOULD BE Landlubbers (though the characteristics are correct underneath)


Posted the sheets for the smaller ships. Though they did not fight, they had roles before and after the battle. They are included mainly for completeness, but also to allow small actions to be fought- frigate actions were not uncommon.

More 10mm Sunday, Jul 26 2009 

Battle Line

More photos

Work in Progress- World War 2 rules Sunday, Mar 29 2009 

 I’m writing some World War 2 rules. Various people at TMP have commented on ideas and helped out.  Now I’m throwing the PARTIAL rules open for comment.

*** UPDATE 13 April***

The chap at ‘Free Wargames Rules’ has been overly pro-active, and published a link.  Please remember these are partial- please comment.

Also READ THE THREAD- you will find some questions answered in the post.

***UPDATE 2 May

Newest version- Note change in how cover is handled.

Also crewed weapons and platoon mortars added.  There is now enough to play a Company game.  Just started adding Vehicles (and the rules have aquired a name- ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’

*** Update ends***

world-war-two-rules (latest: 23:55 2 May 09)

An unusual feature is ‘Delayed Hit resolution’, where by shots are marked, but not resolved until the unit tries to act.

There are no Close Combat (melee) or recover from Pin/Suppress rules as yet (see end of thread). Army lists to TEST the rules with are at the end- I know that they need work.

Just realised I’ve forgotten Oppotunity fire rules.  Basically and Unactivated unit may ‘interupt’ enemy movement in LoS to fire, but must activate itself, ie resolve Fire Markers.

(As per usual, I retain copyright- They are made available to you free to use for personal enjoyment etc)

Warmaster Wars of the Roses campaign Sunday, Feb 15 2009 

A friend and I are playing a campaign set 1450, just before the War of the Roses, using Warmaster.  I have come up with a set of campaign rules that allow for events on the march, and the possibility of commanders changing sides. Once cleaned up to a point where I don’t have to be there to explain them I will publish them here.

We fought the first battle on 10 Feb (though I set it in April 1450 in the write up).    The attached PDF is the ‘history’ from that.  Rather than a game report, I have tried to write as proper events, relating the dice rolls to ‘actual events’ in the march or battle proper- so the piece about ‘Dead Ox Spinney’ is where the Yorkist Commander rolled a ‘Blunder’ putting the guns at -1 command for the rest of the battle.



Large Scale ACW rules Sunday, Feb 1 2009 

Something I have been playing around with.  The idea is that the player is the General of the Army, so does not micromanage the actual combats. 

Its a bit rough. I am looking for opinions

1 unit-1 division


Sample Order of Battle


Counters for WW2 wargame- 11th Armoured Division Sunday, Feb 1 2009 

 Following file is bases/counters for use with Spearhead.  They will also work with BKC and the old TableTop Games ‘Korps Commander (Road to Berlin)’.  The number in the Bottom Left is the Strength points for KC. 1 point = 1 vehicle or approx 10 men.  It’s designed so you have something to use while saving up for/painting the figures.  Each counter is 30mm square, as the best balance between the various systems, and for readability


10mm ECW Sunday, Jan 11 2009 

My prefered scale for mass battalions wargaming is 10mm, as you get, well, mass battalions.

Line of Battle

Line of Battle

Pike Stand

Pike Stand

The Regiment of Foote rules are written with Peter Pig’s 15mm figures in mind- and state 4 to a base.  On the same 3cm x 3cm base I get 16 pike men.  I feel it looks far more like a pikeblock.  My units are 100 bodies, not 24.

Battle of Britain Free wargames rules Monday, Mar 31 2008 


These are my Battle of Britain wargame rules “Angels One-Five (enemy aircraft at 15,000 feet)”.  They are a simplified (for movement) version of a set I wrote.  (I mention this as you may see the title “revised movement” on some sheets- these are to let me know which are the ‘2nd edition’ sheets).

 angels-One Five v 2.1

Each impulse represents approx 3 seconds of real time, a turn about 10 seconds. Each pilot simply writes what he intends doing for next impulse- turn, climb/dive. Then all movement is simultaneous. 

Firing is a combined to hit/damage roll, with the possibility of further ‘critical’ hits.

These are just about complete- If I’ve forgotten anything vital let me know.  Design notes etc to follow.

Updated 2 October 2008

PDF format added (at bottom)

Some people have asked about later periods- see the posts for my suggestions

Update 5 November 2010

I have made some changes on the Combat Result Tables

  1. Miss now covers results down to -1.  You get the’ Missed Targe’t bonus, and a chance of getting a Critical. Anything -2 or below is now a complete miss, no Crit or bonus
  2. Control surface damage is for the next PHASE not turn.

As this is getting so long everything else is below the fold


Pinning in PBI Thursday, Sep 13 2007 

The rules Poor Bloody Infantry by Peter Pig have started quite a debate going on the RFCM (Rules For the Common Man) Yahoo Group.  The ‘Pinning’ is rule is causing controversy. If you have no idea what this means then you probably won’t be commenting.

It’s getting a little tangled, so to clarify ‘latest thinking’ I am offering this Thread up to the debate.

Aside from the ‘They are fine’ the debate seems to consist of the following points of view, sometimes mixed as one proposed rule amendment:

  1. Over a certain range shots are only allowed to be used to pin.

  2. Make it easier to pin by requiring less hits to be scored.

  3. Make it more difficult to unpin.

  4. Combine killing shots and pinning shots, rather than have to chose between the two.

  5. Making it easier for certain weapons to pin.

Comments thoughts etc etc gratefully accepted. There’s no ‘filters’ on this site, apart from my reviewing threads, but keep it friendly.

Peter Pig ACW rules playtested Tuesday, Jul 24 2007 

As promised (yes I know- sometime ago) here is a review of the new Rules for the Common Man ACW rules.   It is a points system, but there is no reason you purists can’t put historical Orbats in instead.  Units are Brigade sized, 3-7 bases of troops at about 250 to the base. (more…)

New ACW wargame rules from Peter Pig Wednesday, Jun 6 2007 

I have just taken delivery of the new Peter Pig American Civil War rules, part of their “Rules for the Common Man” series.

 After the fold I give a “First Impression” review.


What if he’d played a ‘true’ wargame? Tuesday, May 1 2007 

Rafael Benitez learned football strategy from playing the board game ‘Stratego’. What if he’d played a historical, rather than a abstract game?

“So Rafael, why do think you did so poorly today”
“Well, every time Gerard got in a shooting position, I rolled a 1”

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