Can Time Travellers commit adultery with their own spouse? Tuesday, Jun 21 2011 

You know those odd random thoughts you get, that sort of buzz annoyingly round your head like a wasp too stupid to fly out of an open window?  Here’s one from today.

If you go back in time, and arrive home, pretending to be the younger you, and have sex with your husband/wife in the past, are you cheating on your Now-Spouse?  What if you travel to before you met, and seduce the young future spouse?

Another sign of getting old Thursday, Jun 16 2011 

I had to fight the urge to call a 21 year old ‘son’ – as in “Could you do that for me, son?”

Improving phone speaker sound Tuesday, Jun 14 2011 

Some of you may have already seen this on the O2 adverts: I am passing it on with recommendations as to the best way todo it, having experimented.

If, like me, you play music through your phone speaker (as opposed to earphones) you will note that the sound is rather tinny, especially as it lack bass.  To improve this O2 say put your phone in a glass.

I have tried this and it does work.  After a bit of experimenting I can say the following seems to work best

  • Use a glass that tapers – wider at the top than at the bottom.  This seemed to work better than a straight sided glass.
  • Put the phone in speaker first, so the sound comes from the bottom of the glass – you may have to put the phone in upside-down.
  • The phone will probably lean at an angle – this is fine.  In fact put it in so the speaker is facing downwards, so the sound comes off the bottom of the glass.

It not the greatest – you have a tiny speaker on the phone without the physical depth to propagate sound properly- ideally you want a decent pair of headphones or a connection to a decent stereo (via the Aux in).  However the glass definately makes it far more listenable, and increases the volume, which is what I want when washing up, as I have no stereo in the kitchen, and headphone wires get in the way.