‘Market Garden’ scenario for Troops Weapons and Tactics. Sunday, Dec 4 2011 

Originally entered in the Too Fat Lardie scenario writing competition (didn’t win!)

Based on an incident from the siege in Arnhem, and an attempt to write a multi player scenario for TW&T – not a game that normally lends its self to more than one player a side.

Bloody Berets

Franco Prussian War Scenario for Black Powder Friday, Feb 19 2010 

I’ve recently purchased ‘Black Powder’ from Warlord Games. I’ve had a trial game with my son, and my first game against a member of my wargame club is for the Franco Prussian War.

We will be using a scenario the club has played a number of times with a number of different rule sets- I thought this would be a good way to compare the rules.

I invite other Black Powder and/or FPW players to comment on my take on the roster and rules.

The original scenario:

Prussian Roster for Black Powder:
Black Powder Roster FPW PRUSSIAN

French Roster for Black Powder:
Black Powder Roster FPW FRENCH

Please feel free to comment on the rosters/scenario rules.

The QR sheets here.