Reasons to be Cheerful Monday, Jun 28 2010 

Despite this weekend…

I’m going on holiday .

The Argentinians look like they will beat the Germans

I still have the box of four different Wychwood beers.

And a Cumberland Lakeland IPA.

And you can get it in Morrisons

Even if Pendraken have to put up their prices they will still be good value

I’ve got a new car.

Spurs look good under ‘Arry.

My wife is determined to convert the garage into a wargame room for me.

The Austrians should be better to paint than the Prussians I’ve just finished.

CDS, the scenario book and 2 army packs still come to less than £60 GBP

I’ve almost finished the WW2 Brits.

I’ve got an absolutely cracking Arnhem scenario planned for September.

I’m going Quad biking next week.

I’ve still got beer left at my mate’s house for our next game. (I Think).

There is are loads of places on the internet where you can avoid today’s match

and some of them have naked ladies on.

I could finally shave, no longer having to ‘back the beard’

Bloody Knackered. Monday, Sep 21 2009 

Actually not too bad, considering I’v just played competetive sport for the first time in years. A game of 4 a side footie in the gym at lunchtime for about 45 minutes.  The problem isn’t so much aches and pains, but my lungs had no capacity, and I got short of breath early on. That, and I was crap.

If any one knows a way to improve lung capacity then let me know!

Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur Sunday, Feb 24 2008 

It’s been a long time coming, and I’m sure some will say that it’s only the League Cup, BUT WE WON SILVERWARE.

 I listened on BBC 5 Radio- not having Sky, and Spurs seemed to set off well, even if Alan Green and Lauro were complaining the game was slow.  Of course we gave away the inevitable goal – apparently a Robinson error, hard to believe (!) I know.

 However Ramos did what he seems to be brilliant at doing- changing the shape of the team with a substitution- the commentators certainly didn’t expect it would be Chimbonda to come off- and given his reaction neither did he!  The switch of Lennon from Right wing to left confused the commentators at first, and it seemed that it threw Chelsea.  Lennon went from being the invisible man to a thorn in the Blue’s side. (more…)