That was the title of a post on a forum that is predominately US right-wingers.

He, in the words of the original poster, ‘Raped the Media’. This was about the Trump news conference at the CIA, when Sean Spicer was asked how many Trump people were in the audience, because it was noted that the CIA seniors did not applaud when others did.

The rest of the thread turned to how unfair the media coverage of the inauguration was, because the ‘liberal media’ unfairly compared attendance with 2012.

I’ve been in meetings with rapists. They are not nice people. I pointed this out: this is what I said.

Sean Spice just raped the media.

Possibly the best description that could be applied.

Because that makes Spicer a rapist. And anyone who has to deal with rapists know that they are whiny, self-obsessed, self-centred PoS it is your misfortune to meet. Give me an interview with a murderer any day.

Sean Spicer – Rapist.

Whiny and incapable of telling the truth. Always somebody else’s fault.

Yep, that’s a rapist.

He could have made any number of points – there are less Trump supporters in that part of the country would have been valid. He could have tried something new for his Snowflake Of The United States. Humility. He could have said “We know President Trump is divisive. Let him prove that he will work for all Americans.”

But no. Rapists can’t do that. They can’t admit fault. They lie, and when they can lie no more, they blame the victim. They sit their in their latrine of self-pity. Its the victim’s fault for telling the truth. It is the victim’s fault that the rapist is being punished.

Sean Spicer – as praised by the Blue Fez, a rapist of the media. Caught in an easily disprovable lie.

Do you know what rapists do when they get caught in a lie? They lie more, as if they can drown the truth. Most criminals step up to the line, they admit it. They may not have made a different decision, but they do tend to stop the whiny ‘its not fair’ act.

Sean Spicer, rapist.

It’s not their fault. It’s not fair. They are the victim.

Spicer raped the media.

No, he raped facts. Easily provable facts. And like any rapist when they get caught, he whined and blamed anybody but himself.

Sean Spicer – Rapist